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“Have you tried to lose weight and had no success?"

Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Maybe it’s not YOU. Maybe it’s your diet” - Huh?

I’m confused by this ad for a popular diet plan. It’s not YOU?
Who else decides what you will be eating?

I understand the importance of “diet” (the noun) and exercise too. That’s why I’m here.

Actually, I don’t really have any opinion about this particular program. I understand many people are successful with it. At least it doesn’t push some magic pill, although I do prefer preparing my own food.

I just don’t get what they mean by “maybe it’s not YOU”
Maybe I just don’t understand strategic advertising?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like a subtle attempt to shift the blame (it can't by "you" that's responsible for your bad habits). While it might be a good advertising ploy, people need to realize that they were the ones responsible for their diets, and they are the ones that can change them!
    1549 days ago
    Balderdash! Really we need to take responsibility for our own actions, and our own health. My sister is complaining about her situation, but time and again she failed to listen that if she did not take care of her diabetes she would most likely lose her foot, especially since she had neuropathy(sp). She was complaining to one of our siblings, who asked me "What am I suppose to tell her, Gin?" We've all tried to guide, push, cajole her into taking wiser steps, eating better foods, living in cleaner conditions and some even went to help her clean her house-but she still doesn't "understand" or actually accept responsibility for her condition.
    I want to be true to myself about myself and my own failings first! Then I might complain about my struggles to stay on track, about how easy it is for me to get deflected from my path-but ultimately my choices are what are holding me back. Even with outside forces causing problems-my choices, my reactions are mine and I need to own up to them and the results of them. Voila, now I need to go fix myself before I tell my sister what I think of her perfected denial of fault---Judge not Ginie, lest ye be judged!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    1549 days ago
    Honestly, I get disgusted with much of the advertising out there. And I hope that, being aware of how they try to manipulate me, I am less likely to fall for the manipulation. And that particular ad is ridiculous. Unless someone else decides what I eat, I am the one to choose my diet. Sigh. Ridiculous.
    1551 days ago
    But since I'm responsible for my diet, it IS me! Advertising is so slick. If it's in print, it must be true?
    1551 days ago
    Hey, if it's not ME, it's not my fault! We HATE to be responsible for our actions, right?
    1551 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Yep, ultimately each of us is responsible for our own choices -- and the consequences of those choices.
    1552 days ago
    Good point.
    1552 days ago
    1552 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    It's a catch phase to get you interested, feeling guilty (or not) to purchase their product. If, and if it doesn't work THEN it's you however your money is spent. It's almost like paying for a personal trainer. You're the one doing the work. He or she just show you and/or do things that you can probably do yourself. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1552 days ago
    I think they must mean that you can't lose weight because you haven't decided to spend money on their program.

    1552 days ago
    That is so silly, you are right, it is all US. We have to do the work, no one else will. I think it is such a weasel thing to say, it is like saying I am not responsible for my weight and my failed attempts and whatever their program is will just help me without ME having to be responsible for it. So silly.
    1552 days ago
    I know I've been guilty of wondering if I have some fatal character flaw when I cant seem to lose weight. That's what I see when I read this. I see "You're not a bad person you just make poor choices." I can live with that because it's true. From time to time, okay more often then that, lol, I make poor choices.

    It is me, yet it isnt. I'm not an evil, bad person. I'm someone who isnt making good choices.
    1552 days ago
  • KANOE10
    The ad tries to lure you into thinking that the miracle diet they offer will lose the weight for you..and that you will not have to do anything. Also it infers that you cannot figure out your own diet without using their plan.

    It is crazy..but I bet it works. My sister is always buying new diet pills or food plans which never work,
    1552 days ago
    Of course it's you, you dingbats! Straighten up and fly right! You've tried to lose weight without success? What's wrong with you anyway?

    Hmm, I guess that wouldn't have much appeal. Even though it's the truth.
    1552 days ago
    Puzzling indeed: but would be such a relief to have someone else take responsibility, no?
    1552 days ago
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