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Obesity Is Not Benign

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today is day 9 of my streak!

I am still far from reaching my goal....but I'm also 9 days closer, and every day is a chance to get even closer. Its up to me to make the most of each day, and I am up for the challenge.

My journey originally started on March 1, 2012. At that time, I thought I would be walking a straight path from obesity to goal weight. Well, I found out the hard way that the path was NOT straight at all. There were twists and turns and bumps in the road. There were stops and starts. Sometimes I got off on the wrong road entirely. There were even times when I thought about giving up. But I hung in there because I knew that if I gave up, I would gain back all the weight, and it would eventually kill me.

Obesity is NOT benign! For so many years, I lied to myself and said that it was okay to be obese. Although I was tired all the time and hurt all over, I didn't push myself to lose the weight because I wouldn't allow myself to think of all the harm the extra pounds were causing me. I blamed the tiredness and body pains on "old age." I started doing that when I was in my 40's....which is not exactly elderly! I had high blood pressure but I didn't let that worry me, because I was taking medication for it. I blamed my high blood pressure on genetics. But my pains, exhaustion and high blood pressure were all caused by my obesity. Being obese wasn't just a matter of not looking good. Obesity really was going to cut my life short if I didn't start doing something about it.

I've tried to lose weight many times in the past, and those attempts were all about vanity. I wanted to LOOK good, plain and simple. But this time, I want to FEEL good. I want to be healthy and strong, and I want to live longer. I want to live BETTER.

Although my journey has not been perfect, I've still made progress. I managed to lose 71 pounds. Unfortunately, I did gain back 31 pounds. But I haven't given up! I'm still here, fighting for my goal, because I am worth it. I no longer have to take medication for my blood pressure. I have normal aches and pains, but they are nowhere near as intense as they used to be. I have gotten strong, and sometimes I am still amazed by the things I can do that I couldn't do before. I have discovered that I love the way I feel after a good workout...like a warrior! Each workout brings me one step closer to my goal.

I've messed up many times on my journey, and I'm sure I will mess up many more times before I reach my goal. But I am never going to give up. This journey is about saving my own life, and I know that is worth fighting for.

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