Once A Month Binging

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One day every month my hormones go insane and there simply is not enough food on the planet to make me not hungry. It used to be predictable - a day or two before I ovulated. Now that I'm nearing menopause, everything is unpredictable so yesterday was that day.

It's not the illusion of hunger. It's actual hunger. My body doesn't NEED the food, but whatever tells me I'm full shuts off. Drinking water doesn't solve it, exercise doesn't either. It's an intense feeling like I have not eaten in a week. I don't eat sweets, mostly foods with lots of fiber. Salad, veggies, cereals, tortillas and so on. I think I had somewhere around 600% of the RDA for fiber yesterday. I don't want my normal trigger foods like cheese and the idea of candy is gross. It's like once a month my body decides to do a high fiber cleanse. (I've learned not to do my long run the day after)

Because it only lasts a day, I don't stress too much. Yeah, I over ate yesterday, but I will barely be able to handle food for the next two or three days and the calories balance out in the end. For me that works. I've found that when I try to control the insane craving I end up binging on things far worse for me later. So, once a month I give myself permission to eat as much as I want. I just make sure the fridge is stocked with salad fixings and bell peppers, fruit and so on.

It's curious and it used to really frustrate me because I had to be on plan every minute of every day. I tend to take things a week at a time now and look at trends instead of individual moments. Again, that's what works for me. A good friend of mine is the opposite and she's lost a ton of weight by being within 20 calories of her goal every day. She looks great and I'm glad she found the path that is right for her.

Anyway, back to the binge thing. I've talked to other women who have the same urge, some less intense, a couple with more intense or longer lasting "food days" I figure it has something to do with hormones, and what I've read on the internet seems to bear that out. The problem with my hungry days before was that my whole diet was a mess. So on the days I was eating normal amounts of food - it was not healthy food, so the binge days could easily help me pack on the pounds. These days that's not as much of an issue, but still the amount of calories I can put away those days is astounding.

But that was yesterday and today I'm back to normal. I decided to post my story because in the days before Google I felt alone and a bit weird. I figure that somewhere out there is another woman wondering what's wrong with her and she should know she's not alone.
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  • no profile photo CD14253479
    I admire anyone who works things out sanely and you have. And, yes, another person will indeed be very glad that she read your blog and no longer felt odd.

    2379 days ago
  • NWESCH24
    I am done so to speak, yet once a month, I have my moments. When I say I'm done, I mean almost two years. So as long as you feel you are getting what you need, when you need it and are still doing well with losing, keep it up. You aren't alone, many of us are going through it.

    It's a great thing you shared. I luckily had a bunch of friends going through this at around the same time, so had people to talk to.

    I do wish you cool nights, limited hot flashes, and very few crying benders :):):)

    2379 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1479887
    2379 days ago
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