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Life Update 3/18

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The tutoring has yet to start. I had to get Car insurance information for a form, and I did not get that information until yesterday. Thus, I am still going through signing forms and getting set up as a tutor. It is through a tutoring website. Last time I spoke to someone, they said there were several students signed up they could pair with me.

I have started my Fast Start with showing Cutco. I have made a few sales. I learned that my Sister-in-Law has Cutco, and she really wants more. Oh, and I am going to see about when my sister-in-law is available for someone to go to her place and sharpen her Cutco knives. She had no idea she could get the knives sharpened for free. She inherited the knives and didn’t know about the forever guarantees. Her mom also has a full kitchen of Cutco and absolutely loves it. I also found out one of my neighbors has had a set of it for 25+ years, still uses them everyday and absolutely loves them as well. It is really hard work, and definitely not a get rich quick scheme. The thing I like is that I get paid to show it regardless of if I sell, and I did not have to pay for my kit. I am stressing because I do not think I can make it work or turn it into something that will last for a little while. Honestly, I love the product and have been using my demo kit at home to help me prepare meals. I am going to try to make it work. I really like these products, and would register for them if I ever get married. I am actually going to see if my brother and his fiance would like to put together a wedding registry for it. What better way for a family with low income to get incredible kitchen products with a forever guarantee than as a wedding gift? They are the type of products people typically register for… anyway I can elaborate more on all the thoughts I have about it but I am just going to keep it in my head. I know people do not want to hear all my thoughts on Cutco.

In other news… boyfriend is still sick. He has been sick for months (remember previous blogs stating he was sick). He contacted one of his cousins who is a doctor. Currently, the opinion is that it is Celiac disease. Boyfriend does not have healthcare. I keep telling him to get on Obama Care. He is unemployed and thus it would be free. He needs to go get tested and see what tests say he has. Until then, he is trying a gluten free diet to see if that helps. Or in other words… WE are trying a gluten free diet (since I am the cook ). I still have gluten at work for my lunches, but otherwise we are trying gluten free. He is really really upset about this.

In the past before we met years ago, boyfriend had taken a bartending class and the company he took the class with has free lifetime job placement help, and free refresher courses. Yesterday, boyfriend had gone up to the school to meet with them and see about getting help finding a job. The bartending school is going to help him look for a job. They also want him to take a refresher course (remember, for free), to see how much he remembers about bartending. They have some higher end bars that if he does well in the class, they can set him up with those jobs.
He also applied to a few fast food places, and Jimmy Johns delivery yesterday.

In addition to that, today he is working on his resume to send to a contact I know. A few years ago, I worked as an instructor to summer robot camps. We are going to have him apply to be an instructor for a summer robot camp. I had contacted the owner of the company and asked he would just talk with my boyfriend. I did not ask if he would hire him, but just to consider him. When I did the camp, I was also able to get my brother to teach the camp a few weeks. It was a lot of fun. I am wondering what my brothers schedule is like. He typically works 2 or 3 days a week, but if he could do his current job in addition to the robot camp, it might help him out over the summer.
Also, I used to work for a college bookstore while I was in college. The assistant store manager (who was a friend during college, and I am friends with his best friend) is now a manager of a store not far (maybe 20miles) from me. If boyfriend is still without a job when mid-April runs along, the store manager will talk with him about a possible job at the bookstore. I also asked him just to speak with him, not to just straight up hire him. Both the summer robot camp and bookstore are a little far out. Boyfriend really needs a job today if possible.

Boyfriend is supposed to look into contacting the veteran organizations for help since he is after all a veteran.

Anyway, we are both trying really hard to find a job for him, and I am working really hard at supplementing my income. In the course of 2 days (more like 1.5 since half of Saturday morning was a training class) this past weekend, I made $105 and that was just on base pay and me winning extra during a training class.

Oh one more thing… I have been reaching out and trying to reconnect as well as stay connected with people. I had to put together a list of people to call about practice appointments for Cutco. Let me put it out there, I am not trying to reconnect with people in order to sell. In fact, I have no interest in asking these people for a demo. If they find out that I am selling Cutco and want to see it or buy it, it would be great and all up to them. If they find out I sell it and have no interest, great because I just wanted to reconnect and talk with them. It is just what started a chain of thoughts. While looking at my list I realized I have known, liked and been short-term friends with a lot of people. However, I hardly see or speak to anyone. I am really horrible at reaching out or connecting with people. I know why I do not reach out, and I know why I do not try to stay connected (got to love having a troubled past and some mental issues because of it). So, I went and added more facebook friends of people I have known in the past and that I liked. I am also messaging several people through facebook, some of which I am now texting with occasionally. I can do facebook messaging through my phone in addition to my texting conversations. I will try to get on sparkpeople more often to keep up with your lives, but in reality I only have it through computers. I am not going to pay for the app on my phone. And with my schedule, it might be once a week or once every few weeks. I will try to get on at least occasionally. Anyway, I have really enjoyed hearing from these people. I am sure most of them do not even know how much I miss just talking to them. (and now I am getting teary eyed and nostalgic again.) The day I started all this, my boyfriend kept asking me if I was on drugs or why I was so hyper... that is how happy I get when catching up with people I like and care about.
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    Boy it was tough to read your blog, it's sounding more and more like you his mom then his gf, you have to do this for him, you have to tell him to do this and think of ways of getting him back in the work force. Is this the kind of life you want? I feel for anyone that is sick don't get me wrong you know I'm dealing with lyme and fibro but he sounds like he depends on you for everything.
    As far as the veterans that would be a great place to start, but let me tell you that it won't be easy as I dealt with them to get my dad over 10,000 dollars worth of stuff (dad was in WW2 ) he ended up getting a lift for the car that alone was 4,000 , hearing aides another 4-5,000 then wheel chair, walker with seat , bars for the shower, bars for the toilet and the 911 calling system for free, but there were about 30-40 calls I had to make but he got it all.
    I wish you the best as always, but maybe you should revaluate this relationship, I'm not trying to be a jerk really I'm not I know things have just gotten worse and you really should be sitting down long enough to think is this guy the "ONE" and is all this stress really worth it... Don't hate me for saying that .... emoticon
    1531 days ago
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