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Monday, March 17, 2014

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my new plan to change my eating habits a bit and see where that took me. My plan was to go grainless for breakfast and lunch, and to eat a normal amount of grain (or perhaps "starch" is an even more accurate description of what I was centering on) for dinner.

The first week went very well. In addition to being very focused and in control, I felt a lot better physically on this new plan. Then we went up to a hockey tournament in New Hampshire, and the last day there, because we left so early in the day and grabbed breakfast at McDonald's on the way home, and it was all downhill from there. I did try to go back to it on that next day, but it was Ash Monday (celebrated by the Maronite Catholics, of which I am one) and I had to fast until noon, so by the time it came to eat I had a headache and was starving and NOTHING was going to satisfy me that day. Then I tried again the next day, but I hadn't done the necessary planning or prepping, so I didn't really have what I needed to put myself in position to successfully return to my planned eating pattern.

Then, as usual, once your focus becomes UNfocussed (if that's even a word), it was back to the old ways. Not saying I didn't try to eat well, but I somehow convinced myself that those couple of days when I was trying to go grainless without having the necessary food prepped to do so, I was hungrier than I had been the week before, when I was not at all hungry. The part of me that LOVES grain convinced the part of me that had experienced satiety WITHOUT grain that without the grain, I was hungry by the end of the day.

Not true. Once again, the triumph of mind over matter. Or at least of wanting things to be so because I so missed my grains.

But a funny thing happened on my road to fooling myself... I realized at the end of last week that I was eating more and yet, I was still hungry, something I had managed to avoid that whole first week of grainless eating during the day. And something else: I didn't feel nearly as well as I had during that week either. I had less energy, I didn't sleep well, my "gastric" health seemed to take a step backwards.

So, the breakfast/lunch grainless Tina sat the grain-loving Tina down for a talk. And it really didn't take much talk to convince her that she owed it to herself to give grainless T another chance, but this time with the proper preparation and planning.

On Saturday, my list for my trip to the market included such things as extra eggs to hard boil, extra chicken to season and grill on my stove top griller, lots of bagged salad and fruit and veggies, so that I had the ingredients in the house to be prepared. Then yesterday, during a rare but needed and very much appreciated afternoon at home with no hockey distractions, I boiled those eggs, I cooked that chicken, I washed that fruit..

So, grainless for breakfast and lunch, take 2. We shall see...
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  • BOPPY_
    Changing things in diet is (a) always revealing, and (b) most often, hard!

    I've been on program, now, for over three years. The one thing that I've done, and NEVER vary in my approach, is to have a good breakfast EVERY morning. During that 3+ year period, I've had oatmeal 95%+ of the mornings. However, I've learned when I'm really having trouble "making my numbers" for the month, that replacing the oatmeal with egg whites makes a huge difference in my ability to "turn the numbers around".

    At first it was hard to do this, because I so love oatmeal -- always with dried or fresh fruit. Now, I can do this whenever I want to -- and I look forward to the change.

    Moral, of the story? It's good to have regularity in your diet when you are trying to better manage your nutrition and weight. It's also good to carefully enlarge your menu repertoire -- across time.

    Lee emoticon
    2453 days ago
    2453 days ago
    It's amazing how well things can go with some planning and prep :)
    2453 days ago
    It is amazing how our mind do trick us.

    Nothing better than being prepared. We just how to keep reminding ourselves that we do feel better when we eat better.

    You can do it Tina!
    2453 days ago
  • JINX6543
    Hello fellow Tina!

    I'm a Tina with a grain/starch conundrum too. I like them very much and often feel as if only a starch will satisfy my hunger. I've come up with a plan that works for me. One that keeps me from feeling deprived and gradually, the weight is coming off at a pace I can live with. I'm glad you've found your plan that works for you. Good luck staying on track and if you ever need any support, stop by my page. Perhaps we can compare notes.


    2453 days ago
    You can do it Tina! Have a great week!
    2453 days ago
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