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A SPARK DAY! (2014 - Blog #75)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

As I mentioned yesterday, today was the Shamrock Run here in Portland. Rain predicted but it never really materialized. A few drizzling moments, but nothing much more than that.

I met up with my two friends and their two daughters .. all doing the Shamrock for the very first time. Well.. I kind of met up with them. So, I called them about 30 minutes before the start of the race to see where they were and my friend says "Yeah, we have not left the house yet." No way! They sure were cutting it close. I told her I would be at the start line of the 8K we had signed up for. Cool. Things have a way of working out. Right?

I stand pretty close to the start line even though it is not my pace because I know things will spread out quickly and I really want to get going. The horn goes off after a few good spirited songs and I am off with the hordes of other runners for the 8K. The 5K and the tiny kids' 1K would be getting started about an hour later. My pace seemed pretty decent for me and I have my music keeping me in check. I hear my phone go off about 2 miles into the race and I decide it is too late to connect at the start line with my friend, but I would catch up with her at the end. No problem. Right?

I run the rest of my race at a good clip for me... finishing in one hour flat. My biking is a much faster event for me, so anything at about 12-13 minute mile is good. I then call my friend to see how close to the finish line she is.

SURPRISE!!! She is not at the finish line but at the start line!!?? Yes! The start line for the 5K. OMG! I totally messed up. I remember going back and forth the 5K vs 8K with her. Since it was her first, we did in fact land on doing the 5K but somewhere in my head I switched things up and signed up for the 8K. Good grief. I felt awful. BUT! I still had plenty of energy and given that I have been interval running 6-9 miles at a time on any given Saturday or Sunday throughout the winter, I figured that since she was still at the start line for her race, I might as well join my two friends and their daughters for the 5K. This is her first big one so we walked and it was fantastic. ONE BIG SPARK TODAY!!

Was pretty far from my car so I ended up doing a little over 16 kilometers (10.5 miles) today. Had a super brunch with them and treated myself to a latté from a new coffee shop with superb coffee. Am home and ready to get packing for my trip that starts on Wednesday.

All in all... I think that I am back on track, and happy for that. And, i sparked more people. My two friends are now considering another event in April. The daughters, those spring chickens, said they would wait until Shamrock 2015. Maybe I can spark them a bit more later.

Have a great St. Pattys all.

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"Many fine things can be done in a day if you don't always make that day tomorrow." Anonymous

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