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I shall run.....

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I have gone in spurts in obtaining the healthy lifestyle I wish to posses. My drawbacks are mainly due to my teeth. So much dental work since Feb 1, 2012. All but two teeth have been worked on. No...I don't live in the woods without running water, tooth brush, or has been my luck of the draw as far as being unhealthy. I am almost done. My latest endurance was a tooth pulled last Thursday in prep for my third bridge. I am not even 50. The stitches still cover my whole upper right side, but I feel good. Soft foods are still in my future....but again, I feel good,,,just discomfort, but no more shooting sharp pains.

I am doing the best I can with my nutrition, but I want more...I crave more. I wish to be PHYISCALLY fit. I have always been a walker or a swimmer. This has always been my motto.....

I always have had visions of me running a marathon. I have. I have walked many a emoticon , but never have jogged/run. I see myself working towards that now. I do.

I started back up doing Jillian's Body Revolution this am. I was quite religious about doing the program, but stopped a ways back with all my dental issues. I need strength training as well as cardio and time to change that once more.

Today , my BIL and his wife came over for the day! We had such fun! Jan joined weight watchers and is starting tomorrow. We went over lengths concerning the program. I showed her my salads in a mason jar.....

John is a retired marine and we went over my workouts. I can do almost everything, but push ups. No matter how hard I have tried, I haven't been able to do a single one in all these years.

Are you ready to know why?

Turns out, I wasn't bending my elbows! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA......

I felt sheepish, but after laughing hysterically, we went over other routines. My form is fine. I just need to build up my resistance and duration times. I can do that.

John has run many marathons.....26.2 miles.

He set me up with a program to learn to run and the proper fuel to train. I felt emoticon Once the weather turns to SPRING! ( oh sure!), we shall train together during our gatherings. They live over by Port Huron and so plenty of beaches to train on!

Long term actually RUN the Marine Core Marathon in DC in October. It won't be THIS October, but will happen....I shall run.

In the mean time, we shall be doing emoticon m emoticon emoticon together and build up to that emoticon

I find it ironic that bad teeth made me value GOOD HEATLHY FOODS...IE POWER FOODS. The health of some friends of mine made me want to be MORE than active with walking and swimming. It scares me that these friends cannot do the simplest forms of activity because they let themselves go. I realize that as we age, we may become more restricted and that health can deteriorate no fault of oneself.,.....I know that. Sometimes health can be in fact the luck of the draw. I just don't want my health to suffer because I choose NOT too. I don't want to BE that person. To me, that is a dark path that leads to a dark hole in one's mind and outlook on life.

I shall run......

I shall fly.......

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