3 days to Tulum! Fitness plans

Sunday, March 16, 2014

So excited to be going on vacation! A little nervous, too. I haven't been out of the country since I was tiny, and only speak about a lick of Spanish. I know it will be ridiculously fun and my brother will take care of me and all, but I am not a big flying person, especially multiple takeoffs and landings which I unfortunately have to do. First world problems.

I miraculously finagled several days off before AND after I go, so FINALLY (!) I can hit the Body Pump class, taught by the firecracker awesome older lady who "convinced" me to take my brother up on the Mexico trip (berated gently?), that I have never tried. I think she'll go easy on me to get me to like the class format at least and not be afraid of heavy free weights.

Tuesday I could do a core class if I can drag my butt out of bed early enough (probably should so the following day doesn't feel like a kick in the head)- it's at 8:00 and remember, I walk 20 mins to get there too- and technically I could do some stairs and laze around the gym the rest of the morning (sauna, anyone?) and then take a Vinyasa Flow at noon.

I leave for Mexico Wednesday... I imagine I'll get a great deal of walking in (my FitBit will keep me honest though! Will track when I get back...), and hopefully swimming, beach games, etc... I am looking forward to having so many fewer pounds to lug around while keeping up with my brother's frenetic pace!

Hopefully I won't gain too much weight (or conversely, lose too much via illness! :P) but I think I have put in the work this month to live it up a little. I am not going to count or worry too much, and if I'm back up over the 140 mark when I come back, I know some stairs, weights, and nixed drinks will be all it takes to bring me back over the line. I am at peace with my present mostly-plateau at my new set point, and I WILL drive that set point lower soon.

Please live vicariously if you can't make it somewhere nicer than where you are. emoticon

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