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Pretty proud right now

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I've had a great week, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

In the past week (Mon-Sun, today) I went to the gym 3 times, I did 2 Fire30 classes at home, and I did an Insanity Recovery workout at home. In total, 6 different workouts in. At the gym two of the days I did my jogging routine, two of the days I did arms (one day I did just arms and one day I did just jogging), and at home I did well with my Fire 30 classes and I had to tough my way through the Insanity Recovery today (man, what a good strengthening/stretching with all those deep squats for long periods of time, etc). I'm feeling great.

I stepped on the scale this morning and felt elated! Until I realized that I was a pound off in what I thought I lost. I weighed in last Monday at 209LBS and this morning I weighed in at 207.8LBS. But I thought I was 210 so I thought I had a 2 pound loss and was absolutely ecstatic. Then I went to mark it on my calendar and saw that I was 209 last week and it was only a 1.2LB loss. I immediately felt disappointed. But then I started thinking about things:

1) I got in a good number of good workouts. I didn't goof off, I had to feel my way through one or two of them, but they were good workouts.
2) I conquered my fear of the weights side of the gym. I had never gone over there before, I had only gone on the cardio machines and stared wistfully at all the muscley people working out with the weights and weight machines. BUT - I need to work on my arms, my bridesmaid dress is sleeveless, plus it's one of my life goals to have nicely toned arms. So my gym buddy and I went over to the machines and did arm routines. And it was awesome.
3) I made good food choices about 90% of the time. This is huge for me. This includes binge eating and late night snacking! That other 10% of the time was: special occasion, a little overeating, and quick food to satisfy hunger instead of good food to satisfy hunger. BUT - I'm doing great at incorporating fresh fruits and veggies at most meals/snacks (kind of like balancing it out in my head: I'll eat this cheese, but first I have to eat these tomatoes).
4) I'm trying new foods/flavor combinations, which leads to more eating choices so I won't get sick of food as quickly.
5) I'm putting more of an effort into ME. Into telling myself I'm worth it. This is a big deal to me. I have major self esteem issues. So even a simple matter of whether or not I'm going ot put lotion on can be connected back to my self esteem. But working out and eating well over the past week has also motivated me to take better care of myself doing other things: brushing my teeth at work during the day, taking better care of winter dry skin issues, good make up every day instead of quick swipes, more plain water or water with fresh cut fruit and less crystal light, decaf coffee, or tea. Less spending and more using what I bought.

So when I felt that disappointment this morning I just reminded myself of everything I have going for me. Everything I achieved over the past week. Every time I pushed myself through a tough workout. Every time I felt good about myself. I reminded myself that it's not about the scale, it's about inches and being healthy. I'm on the road to being healthier and the scale is just 1 biased tool to use.

I do need to remember that things doin't change that quickly. My clothes aren't going to magically feel better on me because I've been working out for a week. Even though it feels like it's been weeks, it's only been a week. Give it time. Keep plugging away, keep working hard, and it will pay off.

I'm going to end with a few quotes from the fit2fat2fit facebook page:

"Reaching my goal doesn't prove what I'm made of. Not quitting when I get discouraged along the way does. I decide"

"You aren't fat. You HAVE fat. 'Fat' does not define you."

"Losing weight is a mental challenge, not a physical one. If you can take control of your mind and body the weight loss will follow."

Hope you all has a Sparktastic weekend!!
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