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Shopping Sunday

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oh no, I broke my blogging streak yesterday. Lol

So Friday night I skipped the gym. Bad Wumpa. But my boyfriend was feeling sick and I was talking on Skype with a friend of mine I rarely talk with. But I still went to bed early, got up at 6:30 Saturday (that really amazes me A LOT) and I went to work. I worked for a little over 3 hours, then I went back home.

My boyfriend had good news; he had an interview Saturday morning and he got the job. :) he'll pretty much do the same thing he does right now (he's the manager of the fish section in a small grocery store), but in a bigger place, and he'll actually have employees (two; right now he's alone in his department), make a bigger wage, and work better hours. The only thing is that his work week is Tuesday through Saturday, but he'll be able to have weekends off from time to time (yay) and he'll work 7 to 4 (instead of 9 to 6). Also the place is closer to our apartment and he won't have any traffic to come and go. AND HE'LL BE HOME BEFORE ME SOMETIMES SO HE CAN COOK SUPPER FINALLY. Lol

So yesterday afternoon we didn't do much, just relaxed, I played some Wii Sports and FINALLY won a game of baseball. Actually I won 3 in a row, I'm pretty proud of myself, I'm the worst at it hahaha. I also played tennis and boxing, which I didn't remember was that hard XD but hey, I love it.

We ate a DELICIOUS shepherd's pie for supper; we twisted the original steak-corn-mashed potatoes recipe. Steak was replaced with a mix of lentils and beans, then we added corn AND green peas, and the mashed potatoes is a recipe I took in one of my cookbooks: mashed potatoes with creamy goat cheese and parsley.
IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD. Best shepherd's pie I ever ate. I always eat this dish with ketchup because it's bland but hell no not this time!

We went to a friend's place for the evening, we played Werewolves and then Cheater and we left pretty late. Dropped a few friends at their own places then came back home, I was feeling hungry so I ate celery dipped in chocolate peanut butter (so good). People there were having alcohol, pop and chips, but I avoided it all and only drank water. Well I actually ate 3 chips. But I wanted to taste the jalapeno ones :P

Today was a really fun day (and not over yet). As my blog title says, I went shopping after a delicious brunch. I first went to a pet store, where we bought a bigger litter box for our cat, another food bowl, and a brush (he's crazily losing his hair). Then we went to Canadian Tire and bought a vacuum cleaner that was on special (a Dirt Devil for people with pets, lol). Because no we didn't have a vacuum cleaner before. (Well I had one but it's broken and I never got it repaired because it's cheaper to buy a new one.) So yay!
Then I went to Value Village to drop the pile of clothes that are too big for me, and I shopped a little. I always find it amusing how I'll always select pants in two size sections (9-10 and 11-12) and sometimes the ones in 9-10 will be too big, sometimes the ones in 11-12 too small. :P another proof that these numbers mean nothing, it all depends on the brand. Anyway I tried on a bunch of pants but ended with one pair of long pants for work and one pair of shorts for the Summer.
Finally we ended at the Stitches Warehouse near our apartment and I bought a tank top and tow pairs of shorts. My boyfriend bought a t-shirt and... wait for it... SKINNY PANTS. He always wears somewhat baggy clothes and he's so freakin' sexy in those pants I can't believe I never pushed him to buy some before. (I didn't even do today - he chose them by himself and I only saw it when he got out of the dressing room to show me.)

I have new clothes, yay! Okay, three pairs of shorts that I can't wear for another 3 months, but still. I'll still have to buy new pants since now I only have two pairs left for work, but that'll wait maybe later this week or next weekend. Also I was able to resist looking at shirts, which I don't need, and that's pretty good.

Back at home we cleaned the whole apartment (and vacuumed, YAY) and we'll be going for a walk in a few minutes. :) I'm planning on playing more Wii when I'm back home, maybe try to win another baseball game, hahaha. I have a really hectic week ahead of me (three apointments everywhere in the city on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, plus a ton of work) but I feel relaxed and calm about it. I used to be so stressed and nervous about the near future when I knew I'd be really busy or whatever... but now I realize that there's nothing I can do about it except just... do it. So why stress and sweat and play on everyone's nerves? I have plenty of free time today, I'll enjoy it, and before I know it it's gonna be the weekend again and I'll finally meet my friend Valiendra!!! :D
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You certainly were busy. Nice job on the new clothes!
    1498 days ago
    I can't wait for Saturday to happen! I might be in Quebec early though, if you wanna do something before supper instead of after (or both!) I'm open to suggestion (maybe it'd be fun to go walking somewhere, there's so many parks!)

    I'm glad you're learning to not stress over things you have no control. This bad habit is so time and enery consuming!

    All in all, shopping is always nice.. and Value Village rocks =)

    Have a good week!
    1499 days ago
    Pet vacuums are awesome! I have a long haired Ragamuffin cat, and it definitely comes in handy and sucks up more than the traditional vacuum!
    1500 days ago
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