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Hey You, Refusing to Look in the Mirror

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I 'borrowed' this from Positivehope. Thanks!

Saw this and knew I needed to post it for my Spark Friends.

Yes, you. The one trying not look in the mirror after a shower.
The one breathing heavy from the exertion of bending over to dry your feet. You move slowly, you breathe hard and your lack of balance makes you cringe. You're sure taking a shower should be listed as exercise. You towel dry your hair and head for the door.

Why won't you look at me?

You dress shyly hoping your clothes fit remembering the time you were flopping on the bed because could zip your pants. You pull on your blouse and suck in you tummy as you button the buttons. You slip into your sensible shoes and dream of the ones you saw in the store. You didn't buy them because you know your feet hurt at the end of the day. You promised yourself, someday I'll be able to wear those.

Pretty shoes would look awesome on you.

You head for the kitchen, your favorite room in the house. You plan your meals, weigh your portions, count your calories and pack your lunch for work. You always include fruit and veggies. You include 2 bottles of water. You are embarrassed because your lunch bad is as big as an overnight case. It's so big that you hope no one in the lunch room sees you with it.

That healthy lunch looks tasty.

You head off to work. On the way, you become aware of other people but don't give them eye contact. You try to make yourself small as you sit on the transit. Your sure everyone is annoyed by the fatty taking up too much space.

You forget, you are smaller than you were last month.

You are frustrated by the effort of your journey. Your inner voice is beginning to whine. "This is too hard. Why do I have to do all this stuff?" Your answer is always the same. "I'm on a journey." I know you want fast comforting food but only healthy food will get me there. You try to never talk to anyone about your problems but you listen to other peoples.

You are awesome to face these challenges.

If you’d look me in the eye only for an instant, you would notice the reverence and respect I have for you. The adventurous journey you have started is tremendous. It will give you better health, to renewed confidence and to a brand new kind of freedom. Those gifts will far exceed the gigantic effort it takes. You show up, face your fears and bravely set out in front of others with that lunch bag. You try to move more each day.

You are powerful and strong.

You no longer accept living a life of numbness and passivity. You have made a difficult decision, but one that holds so much promise. Every hard breath you take is actually a tad easier than the one before, and every step is ever so slightly lighter. Each push forward leaves the former person you were in your wake, creating room for an improved version, one that is stronger, healthier and forward-looking, one who knows that anything is possible.

You’re a hero to me. And, if you’d put your head up for more than a second or two, you would notice that others on this journey, probably the ones that make you feel so inadequate, are in awe at your determination. They, of all people, know best where you are coming from. They've heard the resolutions of so many others, who vowed to eat healthy and improve their health, “starting next week”. Yet, it is YOU who makes the effort each day, who digs from deep inside to find the strength to face the day and to come back again tomorrow.

You are powerful.

You are relentlessly moving forward. You are stronger than even you think, and you are about to be amazed by what you can do. One day, very soon, maybe tomorrow, you’ll step outside and marvel at your capabilities. You will not believe your own body, you will realize that you can do this. And a new horizon will open up for you.

You are a true inspiration.
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