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In a bit of a funk...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I was feeling pretty great earlier today. I slept in, then hopped out of bed and ran a couple of very short errands (had to get a couple things at the grocery store and then go through the bank drive-thru, right next door to the store). Then I came home, made myself coffee and breakfast and just RELAXED. Boy, it was NICE! I watched some tv and puttered around online. Then I did that Jillian Michaels workout and took a shower. I fixed my hair, put on makeup (even wearing a little more than I usually do, which is not much at all. Usually I just wear some under-eye concealer and mascara. Today I wore eyeliner and eyeshadow and blush, too). I put on the new jeans I got a few weeks ago, a brown tank top, and the new brown sweater-coat I bought when I got my jeans. I even put on a necklace. I felt really good! I make myself a salad and sliced up the other half of the steak I had last night. Mmmm that steak salad was delicious! Then I decided I'd better straighten up the house a bit. I finished loading the dishwasher, started it, and wiped the kitchen counters. I collected the loose clothing from my bedroom, added it to my laundry basket, then put everything in the washer. I made my bed, and was just getting myself a pickle when Husband came home from work about thirty minutes earlier than he said he would, so that was a nice surprise. (I was also glad I'd just straightened up, too!). He came home with Daughter's ER bill from last week when I had to take her in. It's $1,055...and she didn't even receive any treatment. I took her in for an infected cat bite. All they did was check her vitals, give her two antibiotic pills, write her a prescription, and write on her hand with a marker so we could see if the swelling was getting worse/better. She didn't even see a real doctor, just a physician's assistant. And we get a bill for over a THOUSAND @#$#ing dollars. I'm going to call the hospital on Monday and ask them if there is anything they can do about it. I want them to explain to me how they can justify that exhorbitant amount for NO ACTUAL TREATMENT. About three years ago, I fell off my porch and split my knee open on the edge of a slate paver we have in our walkway. I had three xrays (two on my knee, one on my hip), local anesthesia in my knee, my knee was cleaned out, they put in four stitches, sent me home on crutches, along with a bottle of Lortabs. When I got that bill it was $1,800...but look at all the treatment I got. How can my daughter's bill be just a few hundred less than that, when she got no treatment?! I just don't get it.

So I totally just vented about that, but anyway.

When Husband got in, he didn't say one word to me about my appearance. No, I did not look like a supermodel, but I thought I looked nicer than I usually do. I thought it was obvious that I put a little extra effort into my appearance and he didn't even say a word to me about it. But that's typical. He is a wonderful man, but that's one thing he never, ever does, is tell me I'm beautiful. I've told him how I feel, and all he ever says is he does tell me, or he'll try to tell me more often, or whatever, but he never does. Then I opened that bill and he got all upset about it (don't get me wrong, I wasn't thrilled, and I'm still not thrilled) but I said, "please don't let it ruin your day. I'm having a good day and I'd like it to stay that way." So he just kept on being moody about it.

I said all that to say this...I'm in a serious FUNK and I've been in one since about 5. I went to my room for a while after that, and got on Pinterest. I looked at some websites, tried to look at stylish pictures, clothes, etc, but my brain was just focusing on how nice all those women looked and what a huge cow I've turned myself into. I kept telling myself, "you can lose the weight and look nice in those clothes, too; just enjoy browsing and getting ideas" but my brain just wasn't having it. So then I looked at hairstyles for a while, and ended up feeling the same way. I have VERY thin hair...very, very thin hair, and it is also very fine. I get so frustrated because I don't think any hairstyle looks good on me. Then I started thinking about this salon I'd like to go to (a girl I went to High School with goes there -- her daughter too -- and they both have GREAT hair.) and I checked out the salon's Facebook page and was SO impressed by all the pictures. Then I felt bummed because I don't have money to spend on a haircut. Husband was outside this whole time setting up birdfeeders and filling up his existing ones. Then he was just out there forever. When he finally came in, I asked what he was doing. He said he was just sitting on the deck watching the birds as they showed up to the feeders. So he came in and I suggested we play the Wii. We bowled a couple games and I lost both games, but I didn't care. Then we played tennis and I just totally SUCKED. Then I just got annoyed with it and came back in my room.

We finally went to pick up Daughter from her AMAZING slumber party just a little while ago. She had an absolute blast! It was so fun to hear all the fun things they did! They went to Dairy Queen after school, watched one of the girls finish her karate lesson, played on the trampoline at the girl's house, played with her horse and donkey, went out to dinner at a nice restaurant where she and her friend shared crab legs (she's never had them and I always told her I bet she'd like them if she tried them -- she did), came back to the house and listened to music on "big, old school speakers," and Facetimed and texted friends. Today they played on the trampoline some more, picked up a male neighbor friend who is their age, then all of them went to a Family Fun Center where they played video games and rode the go carts, then went to see that new "Peabody and Sherman" movie. After the movie was over, she called to tell me they were done, and we met them just a couple minutes down the road. The mom and her daughter seemed really nice, and I'm so glad they got to hang out and have such a great time. When we got home, I told Daughter to take a shower and then go to bed. It's funny, because just as I typed that, she came in here to kiss me goodnight. She's such a sweet, good kid. I'm so glad she had fun.

I must say, thinking about the fun she had helped perk my mood up a bit. I'm all comfy in my big bed, so I think I'll snuggle in with some fluffy blankets and put on a movie.

Tomorrow is a new day.
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    When I broke my wrist in 2004 & had to have surgery the bill was over $16,000.00
    I got lucky because the fall happened at work & they had to pay.
    1502 days ago
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