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Please pray for my son!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Last night after work, my oldest son was bit by a rattlesnake. His hand and arm are so swollen up and his body started going numb all over. He went to the emergency room, in critical condition! He is in the intensive care unit and I am praying that this morning, he will be able to be moved to a regular room.

He wasn't going to go to the doctor, because he doesn't have any insurance yet. So he tried to suck out the venom and his mouth went numb, and his face swelled up. His brother came over and insisted he go. By then he was feeling faint, and could hardly walk. Thank God his younger brother went over there!

They gave him, IV anti-venom medicine, and fluids and did all kinds of tests. Even a EKG and chest X-ray. then said he would have to go to intensive care because the venom can keep going through his body long after the bite.

He has had this snake for 19 years. He caught it when he was only about 14 years old, when we lived in the mountains for the summer. He has a large cage he built for it years ago. He has fed it and cared for it all these years and it has never bitten him. It was only a baby when he caught it, and it is now 6 feet long. It's head is as big as my fist. He thinks that he surprised it this time, when he went to get his water bowl out of the cage, and when it bit him, it held on for a few minutes while he had to shake it off of his hand.

He said he is going to have it stuffed now. The doctor suggested animal control, but he first said he would let it go in the woods, but then thought about it and wants to keep him and will have him put down, then take him to a taxidermist.

For those of you that pray, thank you in advance for your prayers.
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