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Thursday 3/13 Progress and then again, not...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hi all,

I feel like time is moving so slowly because of pain. I am weary with pain in many ways--fatigue is getting to me along with the constant discomfort I am having. I picked an argument with my husband this morning on the way to school because of...toast (??) but actually, he hadn't warmed up the car and it was very chilly. It aggravated me and my body so much to be cold that I said anything that crossed my mind rather than being my usually diplomatic self. to top it off, he apologized to me and that was crazy. I know he understands, but it is driving me crazy.

Yesterday, I decided that I should make an appointment with my pain doc and see if there is a way to help this difficult situation. I see the surgeon on March 28 and I will surely point out to him that his comment that the fentanyl isn't helping is really mistaken! Anyway, I have my pain doc's clinic listed as Dr. F in my phone and I have his personal number listed by his first name F. Somehow, I dialed his personal line rather than the clinic and I was decidedly shocked when he answered the phone and I realized what I had done. I was a bit tongue-tied but I shook it off and explained myself. He told me that he wouldn't be in the clinic on Friday (He is there on Tuesday and Fridays) because of a conference, but if I would call the clinic, he was walking right down to tell them to "fit me in on Tuesday." We talked about the last injections he gave me, and then I called the clinic. Sure enough, before I said a word, my favorite nurse (ha!) grumbled that he had told her I was calling and that she had to fit me into a "full schedule." Then, she gave me an appointment for 1:30 on Tuesday and told me that they had to double book him and that I needed to come 15 minutes early. I guess I called him by mistake for a reason.

I get to begin my 2 week spring break after school on Friday. I will be so glad--today was so tough with pain--and the fact that the woman in charge made fun of me today. I am aghast that any adult would make fun of someone who is clearly disabled and uncomfortable. I am having a great deal of difficulty standing up as much as usual and I don't doubt that there are moments--like the end of the day when this happened that someone can hear pain and fatigue in my voice. She was in the crowded office when I needed to make a copy and as I worked my way around, she was there and asked me how I was. I quickly said "ok" and she did a little limpy couple of steps and mimicked me. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. What is wrong with her????

Anyway, I finally finished my progress reports and will print and distribute them tomorrow. I am going to help my kids to refresh their book baskets during Thursday lessons and Friday should be a reasonably easy day--many of the teachers have special activities on the last day of the quarter and the primary aged children have a field trip to go bowling in the afternoon. I will be able to plan for when we return and gather my materials, water my plants and get my room ready for whatever the custodians need. I am going to be teaching three intersession crocheting classes and I have a meeting for a half a day on Wednesday, but that is the total of what I am doing that won't be in the pool.

Finally, I lost 3.2 pounds my first week at Weight Watchers. I did their new Simple Start program, but I am going onto the Points Plus plan this week--not enough choices in the other plan for me. I do a good job with portion control and the latter is healthy eating with unlimited portions. I need a variety so that I can eat with my family and what I really need from WW is some accountability up close. I like the leader, he is a fun and kind of irreverant, sassy guy named Marty who is starting a club of people who will walk around his meeting next week. Ha, I signed on because it is the sassiness that I can enjoy. He sure isn't full of himself and seems to really practice what he preaches.

For now, I am just glad to be home--and I am thankful that the snowstorm missed us. I don't know how this happened because everyone in a circle around us got 3-4 inches of snow in white out conditions. We got colder temps, but no more snow. We broke our local snowfall record a few weeks ago, so there was nothing to be gained by this one! I am really worried about our rivers around here though. I suspect that the great snowfalls locally and north of us are going to make this a difficult spring. The saving thing may be the fact that our ground is frozen to record levels--but that is disturbing the farmers. I guess this will be the winter that may never end!

Time to head off--take care everyone!!
Gentle hugs,
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    I think most of us can understand what you are going through. My husband and I have both snapped at each other when we have been exhausted or in pain. Loved ones understand that and I'm glad your husband gets it as well.

    This doctor's nurse is a total "B". Sorry but I'm a nurse and have to state my opinion. I left a doctor because of the same situation. My husband called her because I was very ill and she told him I wasn't dying. Actually I had a brain bleed and could have died so my husband and I had no problem telling him later that he and his staff were wrong, wrong, wrong and inappropriate. My husband was angry because at the time I was out of it and he was telling her this isn't my wife, she has been sick before and never acts like this. The stupid "B" didn't care. The doctor is lucky I didn't die because my husband would have sued him and the dumb "B". I stopped taking the medicine or I probably would have. He took me to the E.R.

    I hope you can get some relief and I think I would thank the doctor for getting me in. I think I would also send him an anonymous letter letting him know how rude this person is because I can assure you she does this to everyone. Someone needs to let him know. If she is worried about overtime she needs to be in another field. I sometimes had to work 16 hours in a day. What a whining "B". Sorry but I'm tired of worthless people like her giving my profession a bad name. She doesn't deserve to be a nurse.

    And the woman who makes fun of disabled people needs fired as well. Sickening. I hope she reaps what she sows.

    Good job on the weight loss!

    We missed the snow too and so did my son. I hope it happens again the weekend too.
    1833 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Absolutely unreal how that woman behaved -I would be tempted to report her unacceptable behavior!!! So very sorry to hear you are suffering in all ways :((
    That was ordained you got in with your pain Doc!
    Congrats on the weight loss! Sounds like that first program was a winner.. The 'unlimited portions' of the second Points program concerns me -you can gain weight eating too much of a good thing too. Also eating with your family -they tend to want unhealthy things (pizza) -when they really should be eating with you -they could stand to lose weight too. It would be nice if your whole family was supportive in your quest to get healthy and take the leap themselves. Spark Recipes has tons of smart substitutions to ease them into healthier choices while still enjoying their favorites.
    Good luck with it Sylvia, you can't be an island in a sea. Engage your family's support..
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    1834 days ago
    Good grief, that woman was mean and rude, next time call her on it. You should not feel bad and just having the pain you do makes your day difficult. Glad to read that your calling the Dr. worked out so well. Take care my friend

    1834 days ago
    I am so very sorry to hear that you are having so much pain. I truly hope you start to feel better very soon.

    emoticon emoticon
    1834 days ago
    Hi Sylvia,

    I can understand how difficult it is when all you feel is Pain. Hang in there Spark is a wonderful site for support Feel free to add me as a Spark Friend I would be happy to support you with encouragement or what it is you may need
    1835 days ago
  • YMWONG22
    1835 days ago
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