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Message to my BRAIN

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I am making progress and I know it but somehow my brain wants to trick me by "shouting" ... well ...negative talk. So BRAIN, here is what I want to tell you:

At the beginning of the week, Monday, I had a HM to run as per my training plan. After last week (no running), I was having serious doubts about my ability to do the training required to compete for the Nationals...I heard you-BRAIN, telling me:

"This is hard"... "I have a cramp and my stomach is upset" (well it was - I had to find an emergency potty! )... "Maybe I should just postponed it for a few days" ... "I am slow"... - I even post an update status with this quote ...

So let me tell you, BRAIN, that I am two month away from my race day so I have plenty of time. Training is not a race! I ran 21.1km outside and ... I DID IT! emoticon

The picture of the day (March picture challenge): Sparkle

My toes! Something wrong? (my little toes are touching!) ... of course not - it is a nice stretch after working hard!

Yesterday was a rest day. BRAIN - I need to rest! I worked hard and rest is GOOD.
I need some sleep... I am making progress - my average is 5h13 min ...

I just noticed that my picture "Dream" was not on my last blog! Voila! My grand-parents and my mom (that is an old picture but it brings back good memories!)

Picture of the day: clock...

I received this picture from Emma - I like her screen saver! I am excited - I will have a day trip/night over in Ottawa just her and I this Friday. This will be a nice treat! I can't believe that she is in College - we will go visit the University of Ottawa where she is thinking of continuing her nursing program. She is working hard and I know I said this before, but I am proud of her (I write it again because I know she reads my blogs and she needs to work on positive self-talk too!!! emoticon )
Her second picture of the day -

Today, as I stepped on the treadmill after work. I don't like training late afternoon. I wanted to quit after 200 meters. I stopped and stretch my right ankles, walked for 2 min and decided to give it another try. My first 3k were slow and painful. I felt heavy. You were sending me cues to quit - again - but I had my training plan and the bigger picture in mind. I was going to push it at least until 5k. Then, at 5k, I felt some energy... so I increased my speed and completed my 8k run as per my training plan... Not only that, I did my last 3k at a much faster pace that I would normally go! I guess, BRAIN, you were wrong. 8k was not too much.

One more thing BRAIN - it is OK to be over the calorie range. I am making good choices - for the most part - tonight was a date dinner with my hubby and we had wings... and fries

I tracked it all and a calorie differential of +180 calorie is not bad... Considering that after my HM training Monday I was at -900 calories for the day. I love having special time out just for the 2 of us... That is a reward!!! - remember a few weeks ago I was looking for ways to reward myself, well, there you go!

Bonus point - I was very tempted to binge tonight. Like I did not eat enough (sarcastic!) - I was not hungry, at all... I think because I felt like I ate too much, my BRAIN was telling me to loose control: "Have an English muffin with peanut butter..." what about cookies?" ... "or chocolate? - you have some hidden "...
I said this: NO! I tracked and here I am telling my BRAIN - I don't need that food. I am feeling pretty good because I have not binge (like a real binge, I am not talking about a few extra cal because of a special dinner - I am talking about eating more than 3000 calories in 25 min!) and getting busy with other things allowed for the urge to fade away.

So one more day of work ... I am ready for the weekend with my Emma... and Maggie will be coming back. I think she is having a good time, here is a picture she posted yesterday:

(with her girlfriend cosplaying!)
A few more days before Spring ... I will keep my big goals in mind... I can do this!

P.S. Success is not always a Personal Best, a number on the scale or my fitbit.... I know I am making progress, just because overall I can say " I am STRONG" and I believe it when I say so (Note: 3 weeks ago I was saying "I feel fragile". That is a significant difference - not proven scientifically with statistical data to support it but I know I am 100% Correct! )
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