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I'm such a bad person, very disappointed in myself.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sooo... I'm disappointed with myself on a multitude of levels right now.

First of all I have not stuck at all with my diet, not saying I've been terrible and eating whole pans of brownies but I haven't even tried to follow what I planned to eat nor done my tracking, blogs or even checking in with spark. Its been a very busy, very stressed and a lot of really bad stuff coming down around me the past couple days so I'm only mildly disappointed and going to try to do better today.

I'm moderately disappointed in myself that one of my best friends is doing more than I am. She is cleaning up her eating, going to the gym regularly and has a good positive outlook.

I'm VERY disappointed in myself that is SHOCKS me that she is doing better than me about cleaning up her life and I feel like a terrible person for it...

I feel like such a bad person :-(
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    Everyone has their own journey they are on... Look at yours.. dust yourself off, and get back up and at em. :)
    2501 days ago
    Guess I didn't slow down long enough when writing this to have the emphasis fall where I was trying for which was my absolute shock that my friend is actually sticking to her program better than me! I'm a regular gym goer usually (can't afford a membership right now) work a very physical job, have very physical hobbies and although I've been larger and smaller over the years typically stay in a size 8 to size 12. Usually cook all of our meals and eat pretty balanced and healthy. She in our many years of friendship has typically never been under a 22 in all they years, unemployed, hobbies are stationary and meals tend to be takeout more than healthy... Yet here she is having hit the gym near every day and some days twice! cooking healthy, even packing her lunch when we get together! and she's having to consider either buying new jeans or seeing if they can take hers in as they are all getting loose. Its not about the pounds or the sizes lost its that she is sticking to her "plan" which had me completely shocked and surprised to hear which made me feel bad since a true friend wouldn't feel shocked that her best friend actually is making progress.
    2505 days ago
    You are NOT a bad person, you just had a setback.

    Maybe you just tried to make too many changes all at once. What worked for me was to take baby steps, picking one or two habits to work on at first, then building from there. Even if you can't reach your goals as fast as someone else does, you can still get there!
    2506 days ago
    ditto on the other comments! Never compare your diet with others, you'll go crazy! Sometimes someone will post on spark people that they lost X amount of pounds and I'll feel the jealous, horrible feeling creep and I have to tell myself that I am on my own unique journey.
    It may take a while for your diet to get going, bad habits are really hard to quit, especially such addictive habits like these. I was resigned to start January 1st for the new year but didn't actually start following my plan until a few weeks in. You just have to keep at it and if one way of eating doesn't work for you, than tweak it to where it does.
    Don't throw in the towel, you said you reduced your eating and that in itself is a great 1st step! You didn't eat a whole pan of brownies! That is a success already!! Now keep going and add more small changes to your life. emoticon emoticon
    2506 days ago
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    A) You're not a bad person. It is completely normal to compare yourself to another person, and to experience negative feelings when you perceive yourself as coming up short when compared to another person. B) Don't measure your successes by hers, and don't assume that her journey hasn't been difficult.

    You're doing this for you - it's not a competition, and if it is, the only person you're competing against is yourself. Maybe talking to your friend would help - let her know that you're struggling, and maybe you two can figure out ways to build each other up! My "fat voice" tells me all the time that I should just give up because I'm never going to get anywhere, and when I do allow myself to feel inadequate compared to other people, that's when I'm most likely to fall off the wagon.

    One of my favorite quotes on Pinterest says "Do not compare your Chapter 1 to someone else's Chapter 20" or something like that. Starting out is hard, and maintaining progress is even harder - start with one or two smaller goals, and celebrate EVERY progress you make!
    2506 days ago
    First of all each of us is different and everyone has their own journey. Try not to compare yourself to your friend or anyone else. Even if you are sticking to your plan stress plays a major role in weight loss. Hopefully you will be able to reign that in and take one day at a time. Choose one part of your plan to concentrate on, master that and then move on and soon you will be seeing progress! emoticon
    2506 days ago
    Don't compare yourself with others. Yes, you are not doing as well as her, but I am sure you are doing better then some. Don't beat yourself up. Just get back on the wagon.
    2506 days ago
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