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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Only 11.6 lbs from my first goal!

So I reweighed this morning because I was thinking that yesterday's smaller loss was partially due to water weight, due to eating excessive amounts of sodium over the weekend. So I stepped on the scale to see 353.6, a 3.4 lb loss since last week! And a 2.4 lb difference from yesterday! So now I know- sodium makes me bloat quite a bit more than I realized. So now I definitely know that I need to watch my sodium intake a little closer. This loss puts me at only 11.6lbs away from my first mini goal, which I will reward myself with a haircut once I reach it! I originally gave myself a goal date of 4/21/14 to reach it by, which is easily attainable at six weeks away from now. I'm so excited!

I've been debating with going low carb lately. I've done it before, but haven't really been paying much attention to carbs so far this go round. I was looking at my carb intake yesterday and noticed that I'm not too far over 100 g on most days, so I think I'm going to start with a goal of 100g or less of carbs each day. It sounds pretty doable, and once I get good at that, I'll start tweaking. I don't particularly enjoy the drastic cutting of carbs (who does?), so starting off small is probably the best way for me. So for now, 100g or less.

Last night we got news about Matt's cousin's boyfriend (got that? Lol) This guy is 27 years old and had a heart attack yesterday. Things are pretty touch and go right now. I'm hoping he pulls through. Anyway, after hearing the news, Matt said that maybe he should just not worry about losing weight and getting healthy now. This guy takes very good care of himself, exercising regularly and staying healthy, so Matt now thinks that it doesn't matter, that getting healthy is a bit overrated. I told him he's being ridiculous, lol. First off, we have no idea if there were underlying conditions or a family history, or anything like that. Second, being at a healthy weight and taking care of yourself lessens your chances of having this kind of thing happen. Yes, it may have happened to this guy, but I'm sure his chances were probably far less than Matt's or even my own chances, since we're both morbidly obese. I really think Matt couldn't be more wrong. I just don't know how to convince him of this, aside from throwing the facts at him. Hopefully seeing my continued progress will encourage him to hop on board. I'm still following through with the healthy dietary changes I've started making in the whole family's food this week so far.

Today I'm going to change up my exercise. I've been doing the C25K training 4-5 times a week the past few weeks, and I want to throw some variety in there now. I think this week I'm going to do the C25K training 3 days and something else the other 3-4 days. Today I think I'll do some Just Dance. Last night, on top of doing my C25K training earlier in the day, I took the girls for a walk. I did a total of 7/10 of a mile in 18 minutes. I could have went faster, but 5 year old and 3 year old legs aren't quite as long. ;) I enjoyed walking with them though. Now hopefully Matt and Dexter will join us tonight for a whole family walk. The weather has been wonderfully warm the past few days. Unfortunately, they are talking about colder temps in the next few days, and the possibility of a major snow storm in a week or so. Come on spring! Just get here already!
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    Congrats! Keep up the good work and good luck!
    1503 days ago
    GREAT JOB!!!! Keep it up!!!!
    1503 days ago
    Congratulations on the loss! Fantastic!

    I hope the young man will recover as well as can be - and I hope that Matt will realize that health isn't always predictable or in your control - but taking CARE of your health really is.
    1503 days ago
    First, woohoooooo!!!!! Way to go!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Poor Matt is suffering from "anecdotal syndrome". "I heard of a guy who did everything right and dropped dead of a stroke at 42." Well, it could be. As you said, who knows what underlying condition there is, a birth defect, a fluke, who knows what?

    You can't then use that as a springboard to "well, then why even try?" Meanwhile, the overall statistics are HUGELY, OVERWHELMINGLY in favor of the healthy lifestyle lowering your risk for heart disease, stroke, etc.

    It's along the same lines as not using a seat belt. Every day they save countless lives and reduce the severity of injuries and yet people use anecdotal stories as an excuse to not buckle up. The statistics are UNEQUIVOCAL in favor of seat belts. Un. E. Quivocal.
    1503 days ago

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