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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"No Cheating Allowed"

If you confess that you have cheated on your diet, you are admitting that the diet is in charge! You label yourself in a way that is giving away your power. After all if you were strong enough you wouldn't cheat on your program.

You can't cheat with food, since food is not illegal or immoral. You don't have a moral or character defect since you ate a cookie. Completely stop using the word cheat when a food is not on your diet program. Use the words choose or choice when you describe your behaviour. How you eat is a choice not a flaw in your personality. The choices you make determines the outcome of your day. Every bite of food you eat is a choice. These food choices affect whether you will lose weight.

Don't blame your choices on lack of willpower or discipline, you are in charge of your own choices. Take responsibility for your decisions around food, and when you talk about your actions, describe them in ways that maintain your personal power!

-Talk to someone abut your diet plan, using the word choice several times to describe your actions. Notice how that feels.
-In your journal record at least 3 choices you made around food today.
-If you make a weak or poor choice, figure out how to describe it without using negative words such as cheat.

Today it neared 80 degrees again and its fairly warm on the second level. It only gets better. Sometimes you have to crack a window or run the fan for awhile. However, no air conditioning yet. I'd rather not be an icicle quite yet, its only March. When its over 95 and the sun is beaming into your bedroom then you need air conditioning and less clothing lol. One doesn't need a lot of cold weather clothes here it seems. I just went through my second winter here. It was mild to say the least and not much rain at all. We need more rain for sure.

In terms of exercise I wasn't sure I could get in at least 10,000 steps but I have managed it with not a lot of trial. Even just getting up and moving round more in a day I can get in 10,000 with not even thinking about it too much. Granted that isn't all that much exercise then right. I've done elliptical, the bike, some heavy cleaning, yoga, and a few cardio videos. I calculated out I burned over 1000 cals. I don't always track on my Fitness page because I am much too competitive with myself so I track it by my daily planner. Most of the time I just track walking just to get the points. (I suppose I am motivated by points more than anything really.) I just get too competitive with myself when I see all the tracking so I cut it out so I don't go overboard. I can see the changes in my body, my self, my attitude, energy levels, my health, my outlook.

I couldn't walk outside today since it was much too windy and my allergies said NO. I wanted to see all I could do without the treadmill as well. If its windy again tomorrow I will treadmill it. Its strength training day as well so that always cheers me up. (Never ever thought I'd ever say that one!) I am sucking at improving my Tae-Bo though, I just don't have the balance required for it yet. I do a lot of it with easier videos but I get annoyed sometimes so I have to just keep improving and one day I'll have it down with balance. My balance has improved by leaps and bounds but its not as an average person's yet. Walking, stretching, yoga is helping a lot but its a process, a journey not a destination!

I have to admit without walking I feel quite lazy and sedentary, even with doing other forms of exercise. I do like other exercise but walking, jogging and strength training are my standard, the quality thing you see. Its that commitment over interest idea for me. It was my Mom's b-day today and I was committed today to exercise not just having an interest in it~

The past few days my food has been nibbling versus having interest in eating a meal. I get that way sometimes. Usually when the weather changes for the better. I track my food though so I know I'm getting in at least 1400 cals because I figured out less than that isn't the greatest feeling. Plus being in maintenance mode you have to be careful not to slide into bad habits. I feel good round this weight of 128 so I'm fine with it. I have to consider the whole picture not just a number. The last weight I recorded was 128 a week ago. The lowest has been 127. Paolo said if I went down too much more I would look a little like I needed a sandwich lol. (He borrowed my expression) He said I look good but I don't need to look that good. He's a handsome chap the way he puts things. He is still resistant to letting me show you all his fine self but I said once he looks like the actor Roger Howarth in a lot of ways. Paolo is blonde though and he has deep blue eyes. I never thought I would be with a blonde fellow ever. I never thought I had an attraction for it but he proved me wrong, and no its not just the accent either. It doesn't hurt him though. He said I have an accent and I'm like you mean low and breathy like lol. He said my voice is soft and I sound like someone from Southern California. Plus I have the habit of calling all soda Coke. (This theory was proven by Tom Hanks on Letterman.)

Walking-Made 2 of 4 goals and close enough with the calories! Upping active minutes on Tuesday to regular 90 minutes!
Steps 13,827
Miles 6.03
Calories Burned 2005
Active Minutes 45

Happy Tuesday~
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Happy Hump day dear friend

    yes I totally agree with you, I am giving gratitude for the money that I have, and aim to do good with it.


    1536 days ago
    I understand the philosophy for avoiding the term cheating as it sounds criminal but it also feels that way too. Especially when we eat foods that we know will end up a disaster. You are doing great!

    I pictured Paolo with dark hair? He shoulds like a real sweetheart!

    Have a great day tomorrow.
    1536 days ago
    emoticon I'm glad you keep your thumb on what is good for you. You BURNED 2005, not consumed, correct?
    1537 days ago
    Hello my wonderful SP friend,

    I like that, I have been bought up with guilty, so I am banishing that from my thoughts. I am enjoying food everything in moderation, my mamma left this with me, as when she could not longer enjoy the food she loved.

    I am glad that you are practising gratitude, I am writing 10 things a day, why would Oprah be pleased, does she do this as well?

    Have a great day
    1537 days ago
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