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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Well I am back in the hospital. While I was in rehabilitation I was complaining about my calf muscles being so tight and was given stretches to do. I would do them but it didn't relieve the tightness much. As the week at home went on my calf kept getting more and more tight. Thursday night I noticed that my knee was starting to swell. I have had this happen before so didn't think too much about it as thought I might need a muscle relaxer and pain pills to get past the tight calf muscles. Friday after my standing therapy I started heading to bed and my leg was so sore and swollen that I was in tears. I then called the hospital to talk to a nurse. I told her about my stay with pneumonia and my leg. She said I should come in to the hospital to have the leg checked for a possible blood clot. When I got to the hospital they did a "Doppler" study on my leg. The doctor then gave me the bad news that I had a blood clot in the vein of my right leg and I was being admitted to the hospital. I have been told that this is a common thing to happen after being bedridden like I was with the pneumonia.

They took me to my room about 4 am Friday morning. I think I only got about 30-60 minutes of sleep after getting to my room as then had to go through all the admission questions even though I had answered most of them in the ER earlier. At the time I was admitted I was told that I couldn't have anything to drink until the doctor gave the ok. It was around 10 am when my doctor finally came in and was given a jug of water and then got my breakfast tray. He reinforced that I had the blood clot. He also said we had 2 options for treatment. One treatment would be the conservative approach of bed rest and blood thinners to dissolve the clot and the other option would be surgery. I said I didn't want surgery and he said no to that also as he said I wasn't strong enough to make it through surgery at this point.

Needless to say I have been laying here in the bed since early Friday morning watching TV, visiting with DH, DD and my sister and napping. They did a cat scan of my chest yesterday and today the doctor told me that they did find a couple small blood clots in my lungs. He is calling in a blood doctor to see me tomorrow so will see what happens from there. He did hint at the fact that I might be able to go home Tuesday. I did ask about my therapy packets as I haven't been able to do any of them since Friday night. He said maybe later this week to start doing them again.

When I go home I will be on Coumadin (blood thinner) for at least 6 months to prevent future blood clots. I will have to have a blood test monthly to check my clotting time while on the Coumadin so I hope that I don't have to be on it any longer than the 6 months.

Hopefully I will be home on Tuesday but will have to see what happens after seeing the other doctor tomorrow. Will keep you all informed as the week progresses.

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