Week One DONE! Whole30 Day 7

Saturday, March 08, 2014

I can't believe it has been a week now. I must say I am still skeptical over the changes I feel. I keep thinking that I am feeling so empowered and amazing because I just started this journey and I am still pumped about it....but usually I struggle starting on day 3. But I do find myself wondering if the walls will come crashing down any moment. It just seems too easy. Here are some amazing things I have already experienced:

I don't think about food as feels like every day I think about it less. I had that day where I fought off desires of binging with the nuts. Since then I haven't thought much about it. I fought off taking bites, licks and tastes of foods during the first few days, but now I think about it far less. Sometimes I make my son a sandwich and realize afterwards that it never occurred to me to lick the knife clean of peanut butter. I don't miss the sugary stuff or the grains anywhere near as much as I thought I would. And for any of the guys reading this post, you may want to skip the rest of this paragraph and go to the next point, but I know some of my girls will like to hear it....I usually binge on sweet stuff the week before my never occurred to me I was starting the Whole30 at the same time as that week....I haven't had any of those issues this month. I don't feel as bloated as I usually do and didn't get the soreness and tiredness that usually goes along with it.

I have a sustained amount of energy all day long. I don't feel full of energy one minute and then like I could sleep for days the next.

I swear my skin is starting to change. It seems smoother and clearer.

My nails are stronger and growing faster than they have in the past.

It is hard to judge my soreness levels since this week I am still babying my knee and now sigh....I keep feeling twinges in my shoulder, which means I pulled that again too, but on the soreness levels, my feet are hurting far less, as are my other joints.


I do think that a lot of this easiness comes from the fact that I wasn't constantly overloading my system with sugar and grains anyhow, unless I was binging and then I was shoving them down my mouth. And I keep thinking that is going to happen again, that I will taste one bite and be spiraling again, which may happen, which is probably why this program lasts 30 days.

And if anyone is thinking about starting to do a Whole30 my two biggest pieces of advice are:

Read It Starts with Food, not only does it tell you what to do, it tells you why. That is always key for me. Anyone can tell me "Stop eating grains, they are not good for your stomach" but I just blew it off, when I read why and how these things effected my body and my brain, it made things so much easier to accept.

Meal Prep! This was key for me. Last weekend, I went shopping and then came home and I cooked chicken, hard boiled 18 eggs, browned turkey sausage, made a whole batch of Pizza Soup, precooked turkey burgers, sautéed onions and peppers and roasted a huge batch of sweet potatoes. It made preparing my meals a lot easier all week long. If I don't have those veggies sautéed for breakfast, I would never pull out the pan every day and do some for my eggs. This week I learned what I need more and less of and will be doing more meal prep tomorrow.

So, here is my day 7 menu!

Breakfast 830am: I had to wait til after the blood work for my breakfast.....I was starving! I had 3 whole eggs scrambled with spinach and onion. Banana

Lunch 1pm: Also a bit thrown off with having to do some prep when I got home from picking up Samuel and being out of my house all day. I was not starving, but was ready to eat. I had 2 whole scrambled eggs, 3/4 c. sweet potatoes, 1/4 c. sautéed onions. 3/4 c. strawberries and 1/2 banana, mashed together....yummmmmmm

Snack 430pm: time got away from me and I wasn't starving and knew dinner was in an hour an a half but could tell if I didn't eat something I would start picking at stuff....and that could get I had a few carrot sticks and a handful of grape tomatoes

Dinner 6pm: Chicken Cobb Salad made by me, which would compare to anything I could order out to dinner! 5-6 oz. chicken, lots and lots of greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, red peppers, 2 slices turkey bacon, 1 whole hard boiled egg, 1/4 avocado....oh my yummmmmmm
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    I've just realized in the last couple days how many of my calories come from extra sugar. Plan to blog about it early this upcoming week. I know I couldn't do Whole30 - I've done similar things before, and I get really, really sick (probably because I have a problem with high blood iron) - but I'm thinking about doing a sort of semi-Whole30, where I cut out all extraneous sugar for a month. Though at this point, I would HAVE to have a couple cheat days, because we have so many family birthday parties this month, including my son's 10th bday, and I know he would be hurt if I didn't have cake with him (especially as he makes sure to make it gluten-free just for me).
    1541 days ago
    emoticon on completing week 1 and your positive attitude emoticon emoticon Good luck on week 2
    1541 days ago
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