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Not one for confrontation....

Friday, March 07, 2014

But you better believe I am going to stand up for myself (and/or our store policies) If I feel like being "attacked". Our store is basically on the backside of a very popular fancy Italian restaurant that has maybe about 10 parking spaces *including handicap parking....AND the University, where parking permits can cost up to if not beyond $500 a semester??? NUTS!!! So parking among the businesses and apartment complex....the "frontage road" that runs between them is usually lined with will post "customer parking only" signs.

This includes our business.....mind you I have been yelled at by irate people, known at work to be the queen of towing cars out of our lot *all documented when they parked, how long, when towed, when returned, license plate make, model, color~the whole nine yards. Last summer about five cars parked in our lot and went over to the restaurant for almost two hours....we get deliveries at the side door where these people tend to park. If I can't tell you to move your car and we get a delivery or a school bus happens to pull up *and it has been known too, are trapped or I'm towing your car, that simple. The whole herd of "them" came in to yell at me for towing them, procedure is also to ask customers in store if they own the vehicle before calling to one answered for the cars~the threatened to sue me personally, I guess....I don't know~everyone seems to "know the law"....

Including the young man who came in last night. (sigh) I had already been at work for an hour and the car was there....1/2 an hour into the night shift, it was still there~so instead of towing, place a note on the windshield (per my boss's request after the last mess): Please observe customer parking only. Next time you will be towed...thanks BR management. I told my coworker they either ignore the note, trash it in the parking lot, or will come in for a "fight" when she saw them leaving through the window all the idiots park in front know the one right in front of the sign that says don't park here, I was sort of ready for the fight. And had previously looked up the the ordinance...we are in complete compliance, and had every right to tow "non customers".

He storms in, throws the note down on the counter where I am currently ringing up a customer~demanding to speak to a manager and we are sooooo busy we had to put a note on his car. I snapped at him, told him he was being RUDE and could wait until I was done with my customer! and there were other customers in the store (we weren't extremely busy, but it got that way about fifteen minutes later...) He demanded to know if I was the manager, told him I was not but the shift leader for the night....well he wanted to talk to the owner. I told him when he could call her, and was going to right down the contact information but he had to continue on about how busy it was and he should be able to park there even if not a customer, and we can't touch his private property....

Well, that was about when I stopped being nice...I said, "you know what, I was going to help you ....but you are being rude! You couldn't read the sign?! You were not a customer....the parking lot is OUR private property and you are TRESPASSING! You want the contact information~look it up yourself in the phone book!" Then he said he wasn't going to leave until I gave him back the note we wrote, and give him my boss's info~to which I refused. I told him I was done dealing with him and he needed to leave~"You can have a good day....I'm done!" he replied "It's night time".....I told him there are 24 hours in a day....."have a good day sir." He then threatened to take all the licence plate # in the lot and give "me" I guess personally "the most expensive ticket he could write" *there was a Sheriff star decal on his trunk...."cop in training" maybe??

He hung around for a few minutes while I moved onto the next customer, and was writing on their cake, when he comes up to the corner where I am....leans over threateningly ..."you can go f*ck yourself", my smart alick mouth can't keep shut~"I know you want to", "not with a 10ft pole", to which I scoff "please you have less than 5 inches to work with!" OOhhh, even now just think about it got me riled up a bit :P

...And then my boss made a surprise visit to start decorating as we cleaned to close.....that was awkward....AND then had a cop sitting across the street from the house in the early morning almost 2am....flashing his lights at speeders coming over the I kept seeing this blue/red flicker in the window.....what the heck is going on!!

I really hope that guy doesn't come back around.....interested to hear if he actually called my boss. She said she was going to get his name and find out where he works and talk to his boss about his behavior. Man, I hope that happens!
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    What an @$$!! good for you!! I love your "10 ft pole" comment!!!! You are awesome!!!!
    1560 days ago
    He wrote some lame lie to the corporate office, which then forwarded the email to my boss. He said was only at another restaurant for five minutes to give his girlfriend a card. (He arrived during my frosting shift at 5p and was still parked there at 6:30p) He admitted!! he was wrong for parking there, but it should have been 'okay' because we didn't have any customers (He caused a HUGE scene in front of three groups of 'customers' and threatened to take vehicle info on everyone) Never mentioned his loud, rude behavior or his vulgarity~just that I was an "angry employee" who refused to give him manager info and demand he "leave my store". Ugh! what a jerk, hope never have to see him again~we'll see, I'm not going any where.....and I'm sure he thinks his little note "got me fired". I've worked at this store for 12 years! boss isn't going to fire me :P
    1562 days ago
    I didn't pay attention to see if there was a full moon. The hospital where Mom was at pushed my button and I just about took down the whole hospital. People don't get it lately. Hope we both have a better day today.
    1563 days ago
    I think you would have pissed him off more by refusing to engage with him.
    1563 days ago
    Wow! That's a long story about abusiveness!

    The world is filled with these type.

    You did well.
    1564 days ago
    People can be soo ignorant! u did the right thing, glad your boss is taking care of this matter and hope he gets in trouble for acting like an idiot. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1564 days ago
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