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A consistent journey

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Friday, March 07, 2014

I don't expect to be consistent. Life will always be putting speed bumps in my path. When they happen sometimes it is hard and food happens. When I have a difficult time, I try to assess and figure out what is causing the problem. I want to be resilient by being aware, flexible and mindful but without the negativity that we used to associate with awareness that we overrate or gained. It's like shock absorbers for the journey.
Weight release can not be completely permanent. For instance, Illness can impede exercise leading to a temporary unexpected gain and travel can make healthy eating difficult for a time. An emotional blow can still trigger old patterns of behavior. When the scale gives you unpleasant news, reframe the inner message to the positive. It's been a long time since I did this or recognize your bodies reaction to overeating or eating junk food when you feel less healthy and less energetic even after one unhealthy meal. Those don't resemble the negative self talk of "what's the use or all's lost so I might as well" that used to happen in my head. I guess the permanent change I see is mindfulness, awareness, assessment without guilt and then making a course correction to return to the healthy journey within 24 hours. Even after a prolonged time of overeating find a positive way of looking at it as becoming aware that there is still something inside me, some trigger that I was unaware of, that I now know needs to addressed and corrected. Start working to find that new trigger and then find a way to deal with it. It gives you something to do, a task instead of just feeling.
My naturally thin friends make comments that fit this. They are naturally mindful and immediately physically aware of how food negatively affects them. Sometimes it happens even while they are still eating! This awareness alerts them. They sometimes stop eating right in the middle of this happening. They can stop after one too many bites without guilt for the one bite too many and without the struggle we feel to stop eating. Ever see someone not finish a delicious dessert and grab their tummy and express discomfort? I know that their sensitivity to their bodies feedback is awesome and much more sensitive than mine has been. Maybe the "permanent change" I'm looking for is to be more like my naturally thin friends and become more sensitive like them. I'm still a work in progress.

Edit: Thank you are for reading and commenting on my blog. I wrote it so I would always have a memory of my own journey insight. If it helps you, that is a double blessing. I wish each of you peace and joy.
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