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Hello 3 Little Piggies!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Dang! I lost 3 pounds and got into the almonds and gained them back. Poop. But I'm not sweating it because I did eat a whole bag of Honey Roasted Cashew Halves and that was like 9 MILLION calories and I am maintaining. Not that I am making a practice of this, nor do I plan to, but even after the ablation I am still having normal PMS symptoms. LOL Guess I can't get away from them. LOL

I didn't work out today because the past 2 days were causing me a little pain in my chest when I was riding the bike. Nothing in my body felt right, so today was the day to chill out.

I shaved Jacko and he's not talking to me right now, but he does look like he's lost at least 5 pounds. I'm not trying to shave him down, but keeping him groomed is essential, and then there is the fact that he is severely overweight and it's easier to keep an eye on him with his hair a little shorter. And he's overweight because he's my kid. HAHA

Did I tell you guys that my mother was referred to as my sister the other day when we were checking out of Dollar General? Oh yes. 3 days after her 64th birthday and the clerk says "Are y'all sisters?" I wanted to laugh but I groaned and told her that she was my mother. My mom was just beaming and glowing and looking like she wasn't sure is she should laugh or pee herself in public. It's a huge compliment though because mom only looks 45. No way she looks 64.

Anyway, I have more blood work for the thyroid follow-up tomorrow to see if the Synthroid is working. I hope it is because I do feel a bit better... except for the Bell's Palsy, which is still painful, and Das Boot wrecking my hip and back. And then I have follow up with one doctor. I am also making inquiries into getting my droopy eyelid fixed because its getting harder and harder to see out of that eye. And the shingles are confined to my ear, which is good for now. I'm glad it didn't spread, but I have done everything I can to avoid touching my ear except to clean it. LOL

I hope you are all getting tucked in tight this evening, doing what you can to stay warm, and hugging your favorite furperson - even if it is your hubby. LOL

Peace, Love, and Meeting Kindred Spirits,
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