Today is my hubbys birthday but he has to work until midnight.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

So today is Jeff's 59th birthday and he won't be home until close to midnight. He has been working so hard for the last couple of months. Hasn't had any days off except for the Sunday when Samra was here for Presidents Day weekend in Feb. and this was after he drove home the evening b/4 (after working all day in central CA town of Tulare). He is suppose to have 9 or 10 days off starting next Wednesday. I am sure he will sleep most of the first day he is off.

Frank and I headed over to Target this morning to get Jeff something for his birthday. I ended up getting him "Captain Phillips" w/Tom Hanks, which I am sure he will enjoy. I also purchased for the family "12 Years a Slave". I also took back my new flat iron I purchased there on the 26th of Feb. I used it Tuesday for the first time and it really burned my hair and the inside of my hand near the thumb. I thought I hit a hot spot or something. Tried to use it today with the same results because one side was cool to the touch and the other was hot down the whole length of the flat iron on the outside. I called the company help line and was told this was not normal and to return to the store where I purchased it. Do not buy this product "Remington #1 2 inch flat iron" model #-5520 (I think, I know it ended in 20) cost $22.99 @ Target. I was too afraid to buy any other flat iron from that company so later after lunch I walked over to Sally's and purchased one on sale that I am hoping will be OK, this one is 2 1/4 inches because they didn't have any 2 inch ones.

Been making it to the gym about 3 times a week except when the rain was so bad, along with the wind. Our weather has once again been beautiful. Low mid 70's to low 80's but very cool at night. Only used the heater for 2 days when it was raining and storming.

Use some left over chicken breast tonight to make a homemade chicken pot pie with mixed vegetables, rice, cream of chicken soup plus poultry spices. I do hope it turns out well since I sort of made up the recipe by looking at a couple of other similar recipe's. Should be ready very shortly.

Keeping up with my walks and hand weights.
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