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Thursday, March 06, 2014

I cant believe that I am sitting here posting this…I have lost touch with myself, my lifestyle changes, my good eating and exercise habits and life in general. The last time I weighed in was 12/7 and today almost three months later I am now officially 21 lbs heavier. That scares me how easy it is to gain compared to lose. I am still down 19 lbs from my highest weight but I really need to focus again. I cant keep dwelling on how bad I messed up and focus more on how to fix this. My best friend and I decided we were going to make a reward plan together to try and motivate us:

Here it is:
April 4th weigh in-Down 20 Reward: Mani/Pedi
May 3rd weigh in-down 15 (35) Reward: Alex and Ani Bracelet
June 7th weigh in- down 15 (50) Reward: Piercing
July 5th- weigh in down 15 (65) Reward: Fitbit
August 2nd-weigh in down 15 (80) Reward: Luau party
September 6th weigh in down 15 (95) Reward: weekend trip
October 4th weigh in down 15(110) Reward: Mani/pedi and new gym outfit
November 1st weigh in down 15 (125) Reward: massage
December 6th weigh in down 15 (140) Reward: New Tattoo

These monthly goals may seem unrealistic to most but I need a guideline to follow otherwise I feel like I don’t even try. I really like the idea of rewards because in my mind it is worth it to me to do these things and reward myself with things I like. Ill also be saving money because I am not allowing myself to buy clothes or unnecessary things during this process because I do want to lose weight and simplify my life.
Along with weighing in on those dates I will also be doing my measurements each month too. It is really important to see where you stand with measurements too.
My buddy that I am doing this reward system with took some new before pictures for me so that I can look at them and stay focused.
Current Measurements: March 6, 2014
Neck: Chest:
Below Bust: Waist:
Hips: Below Stomach:
R. Thigh: L. Thigh:
R. Calf: L. Calf:
R. Bicep: L. Bicep:

My new before pics:

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