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Well that was a dumb move

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Run or Dye Philadelphia 2014

That's the goal. This is the reality.

My workout consistency sucks... majorly. I did the first week's worth of training over the first 3 weeks of the year (Weather and a severe cold set me back) And then I didn't get time to workout until the Sunday before last. Well we're in the crunch here (38 days to go as of today) so I decided "screw it" I'm gonna try to run this shiz. Well, I did... kinda. 5 minute warm up then I gave it my all... for 5 minutes. My HR was skyrocketing! 4 minutes later it was down to a semi decent range, so I went at it again... for another 2 minutes. At this point my back and knees are screaming at me. But I said NO! I am not getting off this treadmill until I'be completed 5k (past my warmup distance). So I kept going. Running for shorter amounts of time and increasing my "resting" periods with each go. But I did do it. Right around 51 minutes. And then my 5 minute cool down period. Overall, I did 4 miles in one hour on the treadmill. Not bad considering.

By the end of the day I was regretting my stupidity. My muscles and joints stopped listening. It's fortunate I have muscle relaxers for my back or I'd never have gotten comfortable enough to sleep. And it was like that over a week. Today's the first day my body isn't demanding a new operator.

So, moral of the story. Don't "Just Do It". Work up to it. Train. Take it slow.

So wish me luck!

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