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Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I am hoping we do not stay snowy an blend into next winter without any spring, summer or autumn. A few more flakes down today.. I have a two-track in my driveway,,,just enough to get Vito in his garage.. I do have the snow pile down enough around the mailbox so we do not have to BEND OVER to reach down and get the mail.. That is what we do at dad's house.. The snow is so high out at the mailbox(just under the bottom) that we step up onto the snow pile, then bend way over to reach down and open the box,, we could lie on top of it and reach in, but our clothes would get wet and dirty-snow dirty.

The good news is that we can see the next door neighbor's house today,, they moved one of the big piles..
The snow is piled about ten feet ABOVE my old mailbox... I know it is still under there somewhere,,but not able to see it yet,, maybe next month..

the talk of the town is that this weekend the temps are going to soar to 35 degrees!! For us, this means that we can go to the car wash and our doors and locks will not freeze closed!! I can also get my ice spud out and start pounding on the nine-inch-thick ice on the driveway, and hopefully break it into chunks small enough to fit in my snow shovel and fling into the front yard.

The other day we were flinging hot water into the air and it froze mid-air,, blew bubbles and they cracked like spun glass! -12 degrees will do that..
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