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Even though I had an Excuse (2014 - Blog # 63)

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

After last night's stressful events, I had a perfectly nice day. I had to mentally get tough and to follow my own advice. I had to focus on making a choice to handle the situation with my boss with generosity even though I was ticked last night. I stayed up late to get the report done. 6 hours after I started I finally went to bed, satisfied that I had produced a report that made sense, was supportive of the hard work my entire team has done and could be used for upcoming budget discussions. I went to bed in a slightly better mood. (And yes... this really is the life of a school administrator. Not too many days with the feet up, eating bon bons!)

Got up and realized I could make some more chances to the content and did so as soon as I got to work. The last frustrating thing was that I now had to NOT go to a meeting I already had with my teachers and I really hate doing that. But I had no choice and had to go to my presentation. I could not throw my boss under the bus so I carefully worded my apology to my staff and went to present.

It went very very well. The rest of the administrators were attentive and appreciative. After I was done and the rest of the admin left, I did mention to my boss that it would be very helpful if she could call me instead of email when such a significant project needed to be done in a short timeline as it was lucky that I had seen her email at 5:30 pm. I typically get about 100 emails a day and yesterday it was over 150. I do not spend much time on email during the school day as it is way too hectic to be thoughtful. (Hence my very long days.)

So.. here's the really good part of the day and where I think I can give myself a thumbs UP! My day was long and intense. Went from one thing to the next are a high clip. I got to my first staff training by 7:30 and left my last staff call at about 5:30. Tired? Yup! I had a good breakfast, kept hydrated, ate a yummy lunch and a high protein snack in the mid afternoon. Good you say? Yeah! but I was still hungry and I still had not gone to the gym.

And you should have heard my brain!!!! Go to the gym! I am too tired for the gym! Come on, go to the gym. You will feel better. I am too hungry and want to stop to eat anything/something on my way home. No Gym. And when you drive for 40 miles, that conversation goes on and on... and sometimes I really do not know what I am going to do until I have done it or it is too late to do something.

Ultimately, EVEN THOUGH I had the excuse that I was justifiably tired, I did stop at the gym. Good, right?

Well.. it would have been had I actually packed my workout shirt. Great! I open my bag,.. Shoes. Check. headphones and I-touch. Check. Leggings. Check. Shirt. WHAT? You have got to be kidding me. After all that chatter in my brain, I was going to have to go home ( another 20 miles) What am I going to do? I am NO WAY going to back out now!!! And then I thought of Middle School. How many times does a great PE teacher have a stash of shirts to share with a kid who forgot their shirt? Well, hey maybe the gym would take pity on me?? I could actually get over the embarrassment and ask. Especially since I had convinced myself that a workout was be a very good idea after my long and stressful day.

So I did. I asked. And not only did I get a shirt, but I got a NEW shirt! The lady encouraged me to just keep it. How nice, right? I worked out on the rowing machine at a very fast clip, feeling like the powerful pull on the rowing machine made me stronger by the second. Almost as good as what I imagine boxing or using a punching bag would help me.

I had several legit excuses today to just go home and take a long hot bath. BUT, I did not succumb to self pity. I got mentally tough. And I ended up having a good work out and I am ready to take on tomorrow.

May your Wednesday be one of excuses you do not heed!

Quote of the day
"Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy."
Milton Erickson

MANTRA: Every opportunity is a choice. Every choice is an opportunity. (me)

PHOTO OF THE DAY: My Mountain - To catch this light makes waking up "zero dark thirty" WORTH IT!

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