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In Memory of My Dear Friend, Little_Queen

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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Today is day 2 of my current streak.

I want to tell you about a very special woman who passed away over the weekend. Her Spark name was Little_Queen, but her real name was Lori. I called her Sis.

I originally joined Sparkpeople in 2008, and was overwhelmed. I wasn't sure if I'd fit in here. Believe it or not, I was really shy back then! Lori was one of the first people to add me as a friend, and of course I added her back. I joined a team she was leader of, called Rootin' for Ruby. It was a very small team back then. When Lori asked me to co-lead, I turned her down...a few times! I thought I would be a terrible team leader, but Lori convinced me that I'd do just fine. She was so good at convincing me to think more highly of myself. I knew I could count on Lori to make me feel confident and brave. The shyness went away because Lori was always there to encourage me to believe in myself.

I often say that I am my own hero....but Lori was the one who made that possible. She believed in me and supported me, and always made me feel special. She never stopped encouraging me on my journey, and she celebrated every one of my non-scale victories as if they were her own. I truly did love her as a sister.

"Say not in grief that she is no more, but say in thankfulness that she was.
A death is not the extinguishing of a light, but the putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come."
-Rabindranath Tagore

If you knew Lori, then you were so blessed! And if you didn't know her, I'm sorry you missed out. She was a beautiful person, in every way. I thank God that she was part of my life and that I was part of hers. That is one of my biggest blessings.

Lori and I got to meet in 2010, along with some other dear Spark friends. It was wonderful to meet her in person, and there was no awkwardness at all! We went straight for a big bear hug, and we couldn't stop smiling. We talked as if we'd known each other our entire lives. It was wonderful to spend that day with my Spark sister and team mates!

The group of us went to lunch at a nearby restaurant together. Lori and her daughter rode in my car. At that time, my husband was out of work and we were really struggling. I was hoping that there would be something on the menu that wasn't too expensive for me and my son. Then I noticed Lori slipping something into my purse. It was a twenty dollar bill! She didn't want to embarrass me but she knew I didn't have much money, and she wanted to help. She did this quietly, in the privacy of my car, so that none of our other Spark friends would know. She didn't want accolades or pats on the back for doing something like that. She just wanted to help a friend. I will never forget that, or the many kind things she did for me during the time I knew her. I will never forget HER, or how wonderful and safe it felt to have her as a friend.

There are so many things I wish I could say to her now. I hope she really knew how much I loved her and how much her friendship meant to me. I know I'll see her again someday, though, and I will tell her everything that is in my heart.


(From 2010....I was close to my highest weight. I'm wearing the blue jacket. Next to me is Pinknfitcarla, and next to her is Lori.)

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