Thanks for the prayers

Monday, March 03, 2014

My son came home he was really sore and so lots of ice, motrin and some icy hot.
THANK GOD it doesn't seem as if he has a concussion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His lump went down and he had no problems with vision, dizziness, headaches, just a sore neck and back from the way he fell.
He did scare me a little last night didn't have much of an appetite, but he seems okay, which I'm very thankful for because I was a mess when they said he hit his head and it egged up quickly.
The nurse (one of the students parents volunteering) was very nice she sent home a paper with all kinds of info and his vitals and that made me feel good incase we had to go to the doctors/hospital thankfully we didn't have to use it.
I was in mama bear mode the rest of the weekend all he did was lay on the sofa to rest which he said he was a little bored doing because we had to watch Spring Training game yesterday hahaha.
He wanted to go on the computer but I was like I don't think so you were told to rest and that's what your doing.
Hopefully the soreness goes away soon, if not I'll have to get that checked out but I'm going to give it a few days.
Thanks for the prayers, I was really a mess Saturday evening.... if anyone reads my blogs on a steady basis you know my son and husband are my world, reason I get up every morning so it was really scary....
I kept praying and asking for pain just so my son would be okay and you know how much pain I already deal with hahaha but I'd glady suffer a little more for both of them to be okay.
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