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If you are lacking the energy

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sometimes I felt as though I didn't have the energy to do a project that needed doing and I ended up doing other things instead. Maria Gracia, author of "Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home", devotes a whole chapter of her book to resolving this problem. She writes that you should focus on breaking the project into small tasks that are more manageable, that you should know your limits and work at your speed. Some people can do their best in long marathon sessions. Others work in bursts but need to take a break after ten or fifteen minutes.
According to Maria, if some days you are more energetic than other days, you should keep a daily journal to find out what works and doesn't. Log the time, the activity, the amount of sleep, what you ate and drank, what happened that cause you any stress, and your energy level on a scale of 1-5. After two weeks you may see a pattern and have a better understanding of how to obtain the energy needed to complete a project.
In the same chapter, Maria gives solid advice for becoming more energetic: 1) determine what time of the day, (morning, noon or late evening) your feeling most energetic and schedule the most important or most difficult tasks for that time, 2) get about 8 hours of sleep each night for if a person gets more or less, they tend to become more sleepy; 3) be sure to eat a healthy breakfast like oatmeal with fresh fruit - avoid foods that tend to make you sleepy such as flour and sugar; 4) drink plenty of water as dehydration causes one to feel exhausted; 5) Start off your day with a ten minute exercise to get your blood to circulate; and, don't sit for long periods without taking time every couple of hours to get your blood circulating again; 6) breath deeply whenever you feel tired or out of breath, you can even use a scented spray or candle to awaken your senses; 7) avoid smoking which causes a lower energy level; 8) any form of meditation can help you avoid or resolve stress factors which are energy busters; 9) avoid work stress and negative people, if the situation at work is too stressful for you, and your boss or human resources people cant help you resolve the problem, it might be to your advantage to find a more enjoyable less stressful job.
Still other ways mentioned by Maria to have more energy while preforming a task is 1) to listen to some soft but upbeat music as long there is no vocal or loudness such that it becomes a distraction; 2) associate with an energetic partner who can help motivate you; 3) take a walk break outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air if possible; 4) try a new or different approach or thing each week to keep the mind sharp; 5) plan a fun activity to do as a reward for accomplishing a task; and 6) keep a positive happy attitude in general - read motivational books, enjoy the clouds or the sun, the day or the night, make small talk with a friend or a foe, set goals that have a better than 50 percent chance of success (basically what ever it takes to have a enjoyable day) and the energy will follow.
If the above doesn't bring more energy to your day, Maria suggests that you get a checkup to make sure there is no medical condition to cause the stress; or, make a determination to avoid doing more things than you can handle.
My own advice to add is to write things down in a journal as they come to your mind so they won't be forgotten. That way every matter troubling you can be addressed latter; and, with the help of a friend or friends - or a higher power if you are a believer -, a resolution of each problem can be found.
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