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Distance Report 2014.1 and March Goals

Saturday, March 01, 2014

I am still here... tracking and moving ... and one of my goal for March is to get back at blogging, cultivating positive memories.* So here is my comeback!

Distance Report:
My goal for January was 140k... I did 168km / 104 miles (2012: 137km)

My goal for February was the same: 140km... I did 157k (in 28 days!... actually in 24 days because I have been sick for the last week and could not go to the gym or run). I like tracking; it allows me to put things into perspective. Last year, my distance for February was 66k - I completed a FROSTY race (-30C 10k and set a PR and a Category Record for the event!!!!) and ended up with pneumonia... I could come to the conclusion that Feb is a month prone to low immune system in my case... The consolation is that I am not as sick as I was last year and I am making the right choice (not to train) in order to recover and get back on track, with my training plan.

My total distance for 2014 is 325km (that is tracking only training - my distance according to fitbit is higher but that is a different story!)

I will set my distance goal for March a tiny bit higher: 175km... (Last year I tracked 172).
My March Goals!

First Recap of Feb:
I was on a streak working on my big 3 and my intentions were:

To be "BE GOOD to ME" -
1 - I will eat right because it makes me feel GOOD
2- I will exercise because It is GOOD for my body and mind
3- I will reward myself for all the GOOD work and be mindful of my emotions (so I can choose GOOD positive way to move forward).

... here is my report card
1) Track and stay on track - 25/28 days.... but I tracked it all and did not binge!
(I shared a new recipe - Thanks Conrad for your comment/rating. I am glad you like it... here I used some of the left over and turn it into a Stuffed Pepper with Skillet cornbread)

Recipes at:

2) Drink my water: 100%!!!

Ok... I had a little cocktail once a week too ... but I tracked it!

3) Exercise: on track with my marathon training plan except for the setback this week
Cross-training: YOGA!!! and it feels good to do it (it calms my mind...)
(my look after 75 minutes - it is intense)

4) Distance: more than I thought I would do!
yeah - I even ran without shoes because I forgot them at physio... thanks sparkfriends for your comments on my post that day! I learned my lesson - minimalist running is not for me!

5) Sleep 5hrs/night : not so good... about 50%

My goal in one word: Consistency! Same as last month pretty much...
1) Track and on track with food - Eat well balanced meals within cal range... allow for an occasional treat - track it!
2) Drink my water... When feeling hungry - drink first!
3) Follow my training plan - motivation is lacking but sticking to the plan will ensure I can reach my long term goal =Ottawa Marathon in May (4X/week running; yoga and ST)
4) Sleep - That is my BIG challenge... I need to work on getting 5 hrs/night
5) Be positive! -Write 3 blogs/week (I did not write a blog in two months, my mind was tired!) and Share with my family on our picture of the day challenge - I started a challenge to keep in touch with my mom (texas)/ sister (quebec city)/ daughter (also Quebec) ... This month we will use this challenge founded on the web... (sorry I don't have the source... )

Finally goal weight : 2-3 lbs to go.... I am hoping to be there by the end of March...

Have a great Month - We can do this! & THANKS for the support!

* It has been very difficult for me to write, even the positive because this is so close to some of the tasks I have to do for work (and this was the main cause of my stress and my visits to the mental health unit -yeah I talk to a therapist - and it helps!)
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