My Plan....and I do have one.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

I'm not here to pontificate or advise or admit or condone or condemn. I'm not saying that what I know is right or the only way to go. I do know what I want and I know how I've been successful in the past. I have determination, motivation and cute clothes waiting. I'm able bodied, have access to equipment, dvds, the great outdoors and a gym. I have good shoes and appropriate clothing. I have tools and gadgets and counters. I can get fresh food and I can afford to buy the best. I recognize gimmicks and fads and false promises. I understand the biology of food, nutrition, eating and exercise enough to utilize that knowledge. I have an open mind and continually seek out the latest information on nutrition and health and weight loss.

That's my disclaimer, now here's my plan:

emoticon I will eat mostly healthy food. This means very little sugar by any name they might want to give it. It means very few refined carbs. It means very little, if any, alcohol.

emoticon I will enjoy no more than 1300 calories for 6 days out of the week. On the seventh, I will enjoy one meal out. That meal out will be under 1000 calories.

emoticon I will take the time and effort to seek out and try new healthy recipes and ingredients.

emoticon I will become friends with the butcher and the grocer and the farmer.

emoticon I will exercise my body in ways that burn calories and improve my overall strength and health without putting me at risk of injury.

emoticon I will strive to burn at least 4200 calories per week during exercise.

emoticon I will strive to burn at least 2100 calories total each day of the week.

emoticon I will resist any one or any situation that tries to deter me from my goals.

emoticon I will judge my success by how I feel physically, mentally and spiritually.

emoticon I will gauge my success by measurements with a tape measure and by trying on key clothing items.

emoticon The scale will longer taunt me. It has been removed to the guest bathroom and I will avoid it.

emoticon I will take the time to listen to my body and honor its wishes and celebrate its improvements and victories.

emoticon When hubby gives me puppy dog eyes and hints about going out for food and drinks, I will stay true to my goals and ambitions and what is best for me. Then, I will encourage him to help me whip up a fancy, healthy and delicious meal at home. Which we can enjoy by candlelight.

emoticon I will refer to my endeavor as "training".

emoticon I will strive for balance between eating, exercising, resting and working.

emoticon I will be kind and supportive and responsive to others on the same path.

emoticon I will reward myself with meaningful activities or gifts.

emoticon The rewards will be tied to successfully following the plan, rather than to pounds lost.

emoticon I will admit failure, look for the lesson within it and then move on.

emoticon I will always keep training.

That's my plan. emoticon

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