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What do you mean it's March?

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Seriously folks, I looked at my last blog entry and it was the awesomeness that was the Superbowl win. **still beaming**

but time burped and we're in March.


What have you been up to my Sparkie friends? Actually, I do know I have read many of your blogs which I guess is why it astonishes me my last one was last month. wow. really.

Anyway. What I have been up to is this:

My friend and I have begun the 21 day fix from Beachbody. I am putting Hip Hop on hold to do this. I figure my streak is what, 3 days? guess what today is...oh yeah day 3. but here's where it differs. I'm pretty sure.....no

I'M POSITIVE I can do 21 days!!

So how it works is like this. I have these six containers. Based on your weight is how many times a day you can use these various containers. So for me I want 1200-1499 calorie a day so my containers look like this:

3-4 red (protein)
3 green (veggies)
2 purple (fruits)
2 yellow (carbs)
1 blue (cheeses nuts)
1 orange (seeds, )
and 2 tbs a day of either oil or peanut butter if you desire.

Now, those containers I gave you are VERY vague. She gives you a list of foods for each container in her booklet labled from most dense (best) to least dense and some food groups seem to alternate. It's more based on clean eating really with portion control.

Here's where it gets REALLY tricky. It's not very vegan friendly.

See I use spinach, Kale, and broccoli for my proteins (they belong in green containers). Or quinoa, beans (which go in my yellow containers) So in essense it looks like I'm not getting enough protein. but I really am. I had to do some serious searing on the web for ideas and what to do.

This is what I have so far.

Day 1:
As I am doing the challenge (aka I want a t shirt) this package came with Shakeology. Shakeology counts as a red (protein!!) I do that with a yogurt (protein) and there's two of them out of the way.

I also threw in a fruit (half a nanna) for my purple container. That delish looking dish in front of my Shakeology is what I made the girls for breakfast.

Lunch filled my greens, orange, and yellow. White bean pita

and for dinner I doubled my spinach as a protein making it count as a red and not a green. My poor friend was like "I don't think it works that way" but hey, I'm out of tofu. I already did a yogurt dang it. LOL

so that gives you and idea of how I do it. Everyone is different of course and it depends on what foods you like on the list. I use my Happy Herbivore meal plans and take what I can from each section to put in the containers. Not surprisingly Lyndsey (the owner of Happy Herbovire) has it pretty well nutritionally mapped out. I mean down to the wire. She has more carbs than Im allowed but I can see why...it's stuff like quinoa and beans which are also high in proteins. I'll make it work and properly so. Beachbody is supposed to be working with us on ideas so....

The hardest part though is the work outs. I thought "alright only 30 minutes" um...this woman makes Jillian's Shred seem tame. I'm not kidding. What's interesting about that is I hear people say "oh wow, her moves are light in comparison to some of the others we've done" and I'm like


waaaaaay out of shape.

but not for long cuz guess what?

I'm writing this blog on DAY 3!!!!

and I'm going to break day 3 streak!! and day 4, day 5....and I'm not going to tell you what I'm doing..

I'm going to tell you what I"VE DONE!!

Since it's Caturaday I have to go to work now. So tonight is Lower fix and barre legs. Two things I'm not sure how I'm going to do since I can't even bend to sit on the toilet (kerplop goes me butt!!) But I will do it..

and yoga booty ballet with my daughter. Cuz I'm crazy like that.

and desperate to see 169. So much so, I've given up creamer.

I know.


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