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Lots to do!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

I think today is the day we tell my FIL that we are selling the house he was living in. My DH took him to his doctor appointment yesterday and the doctor continues to give him the "go ahead" to exercise and walk and such. He just really isn't taking charge to do it. As I have said before he also seems to like being bathed and such. I think he likes the touch and such. I don't blame him. He and his wife who passed now almost 10 years ago were so close that they showered together every day. So I think it is going to be so much better for him to live where there are others caring for him. So today is a bit scary wondering how he will take it. We will let him know that if he does make a full recovery we will see that we find him another place to rent and if he wants his independence back and he is able to care for himself we will support that. Although we don't want him driving anymore and we will be happier if he likes living where he is with loving care. So once we do this we have a ton of work to do before we leave for so long. we need to get all his personal things out of the house and get it ready for, it's a lot to do before we leave in 11 days.
wish me luck!!!

Have a terrific day.
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    I hope all went well with telling FIL about the house. 11 days, wow!
    1543 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Hope all goes well with FIL! Its nice to be well looked after and pampered. Better care then you hear about in nursing homes around here.
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    1543 days ago
    Wow, you do have a lot to do. Take your time. You don't want to get sick from all the stress. Have a blessed Sunday and take care of yourself!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1543 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Hope all goes Well with your FIL. He sounds like he is doing well and happy where he is at with others caring for him. You do have a lot to do but you will get it done. Have a Wonderful Week. God Blessings. Enjoy you Beautiful Weather and Sunsets in the coming days.
    1544 days ago
    You have a lot to do, but you will get it done. I hope he takes the decision well and realizes you have his best interest at heart. He may actually love being around others and will have a better quality of life once he does move. Good luck and I'll be thinking about you. Sending positive energy your way!
    1544 days ago
    1544 days ago
    I do believe your father in law will be just fine.after all he has not been on his own for a long time. I do believe he would miss the caring he receives and the bathing touches. He has been so blessed to have you and your husband to take such good care of him over all this time. I wanted to comment on the gorgeous sunsets, they remind me of Colorado when I would stay there on many vacations. You have so much to do you will then enjoy your vacation to relax from all what you will be doing before the trip. Take care
    1544 days ago
  • GUNNSGIRL91303
    that is a lot to take on and I hope your FIL goes along with the plan! Aging is so scary, at least for me. I'm not scared of dying but I am afraid of being old, decrepit and forgotten.

    Your FIL is lucky to have such a great DIL who cares and is willing to do what it takes...I hope he appreciates you!

    Good luck with it all, keep us posted!
    1544 days ago
  • FIT4MEIN2013
    My mother I having this talk with my grandmother this week. We expect that gramma will just give up. emoticon

    Good luck, Sallie! Warm wishes going your way!
    1544 days ago
    Hope he takes it well.
    1544 days ago
    Hope it goes well and peaceably with father in law. A friend of mine, aged about 78, was keeping an eye on an older cousin who lived a couple of hours away, and she has no car. Eventually it became clear that her cousin was no longer able to live independently at home and they found her a place in a really good old people's home. But the social worker was concerned that my friend was shoving her into care to avoid the responsibility and was being selfish, not caring about her cousin's wishes. MY friend did point out that she's 78 herself and she can't cope with the physical strain of rushing to her cousin every time there's a crisis, and that if she herself falls ill, her cousin will have to be taken into care and won't have much choice where. She still goes to visit her every week or so, and keeps in touch with the home if her cousin has been unhappy or worried. She looked after her mother for decades, so only worked part time, so accepted lower pay and lower pension. And glad to do it.
    1544 days ago
    Good luck with everything Sallie. I'm sure he understands how fortunate he is to have two people that love him and take such good care of him!! xoxox
    1544 days ago
  • IRP1114
    Good luck with everything Sallie. Have a great weekend : )
    1544 days ago
    good luck
    1544 days ago
    Wow! You have a lot to do in the next 11 days! Sending use some extra hugs today!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1544 days ago
    Wow. first of all I love the part about him and his wife and how they showered together. How sweet is that? It sounds like he may be depressed. This is such a common thing in seniors and personally I feel it is overlooked way too often. Good luck to you and hope everything goes smoothly.
    1544 days ago
    My FIL is in very similar circumstances... it's never easy... even when for the best... to do anything for someone's 'own good'. I pray peace for all of you.

    1544 days ago
  • LIS193
    It is hard to cut the final tie to his independence (even if only in his mind) but if he prefers to be in care it's the only way to go. Good luck telling him - but you may be surprised at how relieved he may be!!
    1544 days ago
    Sending blessings and all good wishes.

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    can I do for you? And I said, Father, please protect and bless the person
    reading this message. God smiled and answered...Request granted.

    "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind
    of battle."

    1544 days ago
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