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Are We There yet? (2014 - Blog #59)

Saturday, March 01, 2014

"To accomplish our destiny it is not enough to merely guard prudently against road accidents. We must also cover before nightfall the distance assigned to each of us." Alexis Carrel

Talk about ROAD ACCIDENTS! This week has been a series of minor traffics accidents if I think about my decisions. From my water headaches to just feeling a bit weighed down, I am sitting here at someone else's home at 5:00 am on a Saturday morning realizing I am NOT THERE YET!

What was it about this week that has me feeling this way? A LACK OF A ROUTINE - for sures. Looking back on my water headache day - my entire day was the epitome of no routine. My schedule was odd, more than normal. It is never the same thing each day, but that day was particularly odd. I made few - in fact - no good decisions about water that day except in the few beginning minutes of the day when my routine still felt right.

Then, I left for my friend's house to cat sit. That started on Wednesday. I loved coming here because I know I am doing her a helpful favor and her cat is cool and it is fun. However, there is a paucity of my own routine here.
Even my morning routine is goofed up:
-- I can't see my mountain from here, so my rock solid start of soul-filling views was messed up.
-- I live 30 minutes further that her house in relation to my work site. So, I have more time in the morning. My internal clock is now off.
-- Here, I only make enough food for dinner, so my lunch left-over routine of healthy yummies was messed up.
-- My way to keep myself busy at home is gone at this house, so my eating habits are thrown for a loop.
-- My gym is now 40 minutes way so my mental "stop on the way home to train" is not satisfied.
-- My house has well water - the best ever - and here I am drinking normal tap water. I mentally think UG and I avoid the water. (And it is not bad at all- just out of my routine.)
-- My electronics died so I had to type my first two blogs on an iPad. UG. I love my iPad but oh I hate writing on it. (Remembered that my friend has an awesome huge mac and now I can see my work and write…)
--Left my own mac at home with all my blog ideas that I scribble and my photos which anchor me. Blogging totally makes a difference in my health journey.
-- And today is Saturday and I am up at 5 am? Hello!?

I do not picture myself as someone who is routine-driven or routine-supported. But I think this week has shown me that some semblance of a routine is indeed in my life and without that routine now I really really have to guard against poor decisions. So, I did not eat and train as well as I should have. Gotta consciously overcome this today as I am here through Sunday. And that is doable now that I realize that my routines are in fact needed.

I am NOT THERE YET in my healthy journey. This was a week of road accidents because my attention was impacted by a change in scenery. And this is a big deal since in three weeks I leave for Europe to visit my ailing father and my semblance of a routine will be turned on its head. I think today and tomorrow will need to be practice ground! My major hurdle with my travels is that I am purposely not taking anything except my touch and writing a blog there is will be next to impossible. I dislike journals but I think I better get a better attitude about journal writing so I can journal/blog each day with the promise to make up my blogs when I get back. And I will make them all up because my commitment to me is 365 blogs for 2014, so gotta keep my promise to myself.

REFLECTIVE MOMENT: I think that I will have really ARRIVED in my journey to health when I can be completely out of a my "routine" and realize that a change of scenery will not mess with my health routines.

ARE YOU THERE YET? May today be filled with your own great decisions!

Quote of the day
"To accomplish our destiny it is not enough to merely guard prudently against road accidents. We must also cover before nightfall the distance assigned to each of us." Alexis Carrel

MANTRA: Every opportunity is a choice. Every choice is an opportunity. (me)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I like my routines and once derailed it takes a while to get back on board.
    I find I really need to work out a strategy for disruptions. When on holiday, where will I swim? How will I replace Zumba? Where will my fruit come from?
    Planning is the key for me.
    1846 days ago
    Sometimes the blessing in a lesson is in its timing. Perhaps you needed a week like this to prepare you for the trip ahead. I shall miss your blogs while you are gone, but will hold a warm thought for you as you take this very needed journey to visit your father.

    Yes, it takes extra vigilance when knocked out of the routine, but emoticon
    1848 days ago
    Routines are definitely part of the healthy lifestyle. Because it is how we live, we don't think of it as routine until there is a disruption. I find it is easier to maintain the routine when traveling if my husband is with me because we help each other to stay the course. When I visit my sister, I am not treated like a guest, so it is easy to stay in the routine. Otherwise it is an exercise of will power to keep to the eating/exercise routines as best I can.

    How much longer are you cat-sitting?

    1848 days ago
    We all need some routine.....and a plan B!
    1848 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Another educational and thought-provoking blog!
    (No doubt I am routine-supported. Part of my early childhood educator training was to design those routines.)
    1848 days ago
    So glad you had a trial run before your European trip - we've adored ours and health has not been an issue for miles of walking, but you are visiting relatives, which requires time for sedentary, wonderful reconnecting activities.

    Re: the here and now: I can 'totally' understand how not seeing that gorgeous mountain each day would be missed and love how the universe is subtly saying 'find beauty here or find majesty in this moment'; how our favorites (well vs. city water) as well as the time routine - farther and non-gym route is not only difficult, but for me would be dangerous - semi-reformed is far from reformed - (don't you love that word and it's connotations?)

    I'm delighted you had such a fabulous learning experience emoticon and helped a friend + enjoyed the company of her emoticon
    Shows once again that Life is GOOD and a wonderful way to LIVE is Gratefully!
    1848 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/1/2014 10:28:20 AM
  • NANCY-
    Perhaps you need a new perspective. There are certain non-negotiables. You still have to eat, exercise, etc., but you have choices to explore new options.
    I was faced with terrible water when I visited my son, so I opted for bringing my own or breaking down and buying bottled water. ( later I got him a faucet filter as a gift.)
    Sometimes the change of routine refreshes us and we can find out areas we still need to address also.
    Enjoy the opportunities. The journey can be the best part of the trip.

    BTW Love the mountain pic.

    1848 days ago
    Honest blog thank you.

    I admit to needing a routine. My blue blanket in a world of chaos and mental conflict. Nothing wrong with that at all. One of these days I also will look forward to not needing it but until that time it is my true BFF.
    1848 days ago
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