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February Stats, Streak Results & March Madness...

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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Overall, February was pretty rough. With my Birthday at the beginning of the month, I managed to gain 3 pounds the first week by celebrating for way too many days. Live and learn I guess. I will let the stats speak for themselves.

emoticon Total pounds lost: 2.6 (Goal 5 pounds emoticon)
emoticon Total strength training days: 6 (Goal 8 days emoticon)
emoticon Walk everyday: 28/28 emoticon
emoticon Cupcake stickers (days where I have overeaten by a lot): 9, pretty rough.

There are things that I consider victories for February, like consistently getting in enough water, trying to get enough rest, trying new recipes and cooking more. All of those things are becoming part of my healthy lifestyle, and for that I am excited. Which brings me to my next topic...

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

The 14 day streak! I am so happy that so many of you joined me on a streak. For those that missed it, I invited others to pick anything they wanted or might have been struggling with and rock it for 14 days. Some of you started a little later and are still doing it. I invite you all to comment below and tell me how your streak went, what you did, the results, or how far along you are if you are still streaking. It really did motivate me, even though I had a far from perfect streak! I am so proud of all of you.

As for me, my streak of choice was 1400 calories or less. My overall stats are 11 out of 14 days on track. Out of my 3 "off days", 2 were conscious choices to break my streak and give my body more calories because I felt like my body was not responding well to the 1400 calorie allotment. The 3rd day was an outright binge, and I would never try to hide that fact. I am recovering from that today and doing my best to move forward from it. What I learned from my streak is that having consecutive on track days really makes things easier and it really makes the days go by faster when you have a focus. I also saw how easily straying from the streak could get me off track. I feel like if I wouldn't have upped my calories and "broke the streak" that I would have wound up with a perfect record. Oh well.

I also invite all of you to streak with me in March! There were many that were interested in doing a 14 day streak at the end of each month. So for March, it will start on the 18th! You can pick anything you might be struggling with or just want to stay consistent with. It could be staying in your calorie range, getting in a certain amount of steps, doing 10 minutes of exercise, getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking 8 glasses of water, seriously, the possibilities are endless! What I like about this is that it allows me to refocus before the month is over. I hate when an entire month has gone by and I feel like it slipped away without me even realizing or making much progress. So gathering that focus 2 weeks before the end allows me to have a chance at salvaging what is left of the month. Now in a perfect world, I would do fabulously in the beginning of the month, and the streak will just continue it... but it doesn't always work that way! So I will post a blog on the 17th, and any of you that would like to join me can post what your streak is going to be... and then I will check back with all of you on April 1st! :D I definitely will pick a streak that is more suitable for me... as I am learning this whole calorie game really is a game... and it is ever changing. *DOH* emoticon

Now onto my March goals:
To follow this workout calendar for Rockin' Body that I created for myself.

To continue my walking each day. emoticon
To hit 2,000 fitness minutes for the first time ever. emoticon

To experiment with my calorie range until I can find what works for me and my body. emoticon
To have a successful 14 day streak of whatever I choose. emoticon
To have 3 (or less) cupcake sticker days. emoticon
To lose 9 pounds (get to 181). emoticon Between you and I, I can pretty much guarantee that this one isn't going to happen unless there is a miracle! ;) But when I made my mini goals, 181 was my goal by the end of March... but that was if I was 188 by the end of February. So why there is a very real chance it isn't going to happen, I will be happy with any type of loss by the end of March. emoticon
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