March Goals

Friday, February 28, 2014

Edited 3/17:
So far, not doing well on focusing and committing to my goals. What I have done - some paper shredding, some taxes (yes, February's goal), and no morning workouts. Opted to get frenzied in anxiety due to Dad's condition instead of dealing with it the right way so gained and lost 3 pounds for the first two weeks of March. Ultimately, I'm starting at "0" as of today. So let's re-align the reality:

"NEW Weight Loss" Goal (meaning quit re-gaining and re-losing the same poundage): -6 lbs at least; hoping for -8 lbs
Personal Goal: Get paperwork into some organized fashion. Dedicate not 15 minutes each night, but 5 - 10 minutes 3x a week.
Workout Goal: Aim for at least 5 MORNING workouts this month and 1000 fitness minutes.
Sleep Goal: 3x a week in bed by 10:00 p.m.

Goals & Activity for Mar 15 - 21: Lose a new set of weight this week, hoping for 2 pounds, would be awesome if it was 4 (the bigger I am, the faster it falls off when I eat right and at the minimum number of calories of 1200).

Saturday - Danced for 35 minutes, stretched for 10. (~100 - 200 cals over)
Sunday - No activity. (~800 - 1000 cals over)
Monday - [hair cut at 7:45 pm]
Tuesday - [baseball practice pm]
Wednesday - [church 7 - 8:30 pm]
Thursday -
Friday -
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