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Out of Left Field, Literally

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Know how life can sometimes hit you, out of left field? Well, sometimes that’s not just a figure of speech…

Out of left, (okay, really it was right) field

I like to call this incident “Death by Bulldog.” Wednesday evening, Bubba and I took a 45-minute walk. It was great. The weather was brisk, but it was sunny. I had just enough time to squeeze in a walk, before I headed back to work. When we got back home, Bubba seemed like he still had a lot of energy, so I took him in the backyard and threw a stick for him. Man, oh man, that gets him going. He was tearing around the yard at bulldog rocket speed. You’d be surprised how fast this guy can RUN. I was having so much fun, watching him run. But, all of a sudden, he took a corner a little too sharp. I saw him out of the corner of my eye, but he was a blur, no time to move. He plowed, full-speed, into the side of my right knee and I went down to the ground—WHAM.

As I was falling and my knee was bending sideways, I thought, “This must be what it feels like to break your leg.” Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. It was like getting hit by a very short, Mack truck. I had to dig my phone out of my pocket and call Audrey to come out and help me get up. I knew, right away, that my knee was über messed up. It was too late to get to the doc, so I went straight to bed, elevated it and iced it all night.

Not sure if I’m fooled by the guilty look on his face, since he kinda always looks like that.

I saw an orthopedic doc yesterday, for x-rays and stuff. Nothing broken, just bent. Woohoo! She gave me three options: A—a medial ligament thing that is exceptionally angry about being bent sideways. B—a whacked out meniscus. C—an ACL torn asunder. I told her I would like Option A, please and thank you. She said she’d be happy to comply, but I have to have an MRI first, to see. In the meantime, ice, elevation, rest (because I’m SO good at that), Naprosyn, and crutches. When I was a kid, I thought crutches looked like so much fun. I thought it’d be a ball to use them. At almost 47, I’m thinking I was a little off in that assumption. Randy made fun of me for watching a YouTube tutorial about walking with crutches, but hey, I needed to know. Even with the tutorial, I will not be entering any Crutches Relay Races anytime soon.

Bubba just wants to know why I won’t take him for a walk.

I told Coach Nicole that I thought I would probably have to break my workout streak for this. I mean, I can’t even hula hoop or do a slow walk on the elliptical. I was fine with that; it’s totally legit. But she encouraged me to at least try one of her seated workouts first, and then see. So, last night, I modified one of the workouts, just doing the upper body stuff.

WHAM! Keeping the streak alive one more day.

So, I’m hoping and praying for Option A, following doctor’s orders, and Sparking while seated. This can work. It’s all good. Death by Bulldog could've been so much worse. And Audrey is responsible for taking the killer beast on his walks, for the time being.

Magnet on my Fridge: I choose to remain wildly optimistic.

Spark ON, Brave Sparkers! (even if it’s from a chair…)
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