Coconut Oil to the Extreme Challenge

Friday, February 28, 2014

I started using coconut oil as a sub for oil and butter when cooking. It was something the leansecret.com's Brenda used in some of her recipes. So I branched out and started putting it in my mashed cauliflower. Then somehow I learned it is a great body moisturiser and my daughter and I both have sensitive skin so I used it for that. I saw it used in smoothies so I added to that and so on and so on. How do people not know of this miracle product? How am I just now hearing of it? At first I thought the jar takes up so much room but now I'm thinking all the stuff I could use it for could really save me space and money. I jumped online and looked up uses for coconut oil and was amazed. Eye make up remover, acne fighter, heal acne scars, deep conditioner for hair, leave in conditioner for hair frizz fighting, allergy reducer, lip balm, cold or flu fighter, shave cream, prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, essential oil moisturiser and the list seems endless.

I'm starting to experiment with using it for a lot of things now and now I'm getting to the point where I thought I'd not only like to track it but also share what I've learned and review the uses to all of you.

Here is a great article I found while on my search from Wellness Mama(great website by a great blogger by the way)


I am currently using it for cooking, in smoothies and homemade coconut milk and all over body moisturiser. Works amazingly for all, best lotion I've ever used. My boyfriend complains that I smell like a pina colada (he doesn't like coconut, go figure) but I don't care I'm soft:)

I started using it on my face, chest and back a week ago for acne. I read many review, watched YouTube tutorials that it will heal it. I break out and even though make up can hide it well it bothers me. It's not always bad but I will go through periods of it being worse and without make I am rarely comfortable. I see pictures and I'm like I look just fine what am I so worried about but then I have a break out and I'm just like "damn it I need something to consistently work!" My big thing is I never have perfectly flawless skin without make up. So I thought why not I may as well try it. I read a lot about the "healing crisis" where the skin will be soft for the first few days but the coconut oil will cause all the toxins to be pulled form the skin which can cause it to get worse before it gets better with most people saying the average is about 4 weeks. Well my skin is softer but it is also breaking out more. I have a mud mask I use that I mix with organic vinegar that works wonders for softness and reduces break outs within a day (for me www.amazon.com/Aztec-Sec
. In the past week I've moved up from using it once a week roughly to tonight being the third time I will use it. My little girl loves it when I put the mask on, she thinks it is hilerious, so it works out well in the evenings:) The coconut oil is allowing me to use it more without overdrying my face and it's dimming the extra breakout the oil caused. Here's to hoping week 4 will be better, I am beginning week 2!

Some things I will be reviewing the next few months:

Fighting acne
Fighting acne scars
Lip balm
Shave cream
Deep conditioner
Leave-in frizz treatment
Essential oil rub
Bug repellent (if warm weather would ever show it's face)
On cuticles to help nails grow

I will update this regularly and add to it if I find more things I want to try with the oil. If anyone wants me to add anything to the list to try I will be a daredevil and do it for you!
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  • no profile photo CD14334576
    It is supposed to be really good brain food- the medium chain fatty acids are supposed to be what your brain uses well for energy.
    2618 days ago
    I've also been hearing/reading a lot about coconut oil and it's many uses. I'm definitely interested in hearing your review in a few weeks after you've given the coconut oil a chance to make changes for you.
    2623 days ago
    I use it all the time in cooking and on my skin. I hadn't heard of the bug repellent one. That would be great.
    2625 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    2628 days ago
    I bought my first bottle of coconut oil a few weeks ago. So far I have only made little energy bars with it, but you have inspired me to try some more options. I look forward to continuing reports!
    2628 days ago
    I use coconut oil to cook with as a natural substitute to butter or margarine and because I do not care for olive oil. I recently came across an article that enlightened me on how the healthiest types of coconut oil are processed.


    I would love to hear more about your coconut oil findings. The more I get into my own nutrition and fitness the more I am wanting to find whole, natural alternatives! Best wishes with curing your acne as I too at age 36 still get blemishes on a consistent basis.
    2628 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/28/2014 1:55:21 PM
  • no profile photo CD3237289
    Very helpful blog! Funny my daughter and I were dicsussing coconut oil just the other day and the many uses. Now I've heard of several more.

    Look forward to your additional blogs and your results!
    2628 days ago
    Oh, if only it could cure cellulite! ha!

    I have heard so many good things about coconut oil but have been afraid to try it because, like your boyfriend, I hate the taste of coconut (though I don't mind the smell!). I have another friend who uses it and says the coconut flavor is mild and sometimes nothing at all. What are your thoughts? I'd love to try it!

    Can't wait to hear how it works on your breakouts. I don't have breakouts on my face, but my chest has been breaking out from all of my working out, even though I am so careful to shower immediately after! It's so gross, and I've tried all sorts of remedies. If smelling like pina colada is the solution, I'm for it! :)
    2628 days ago
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