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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Woke up early to do a bunch of laundry and was hoping to do a nice walk with my son along the Anaheim Cove River Trail. By the time it was near noon I had a very bad headache not a migraine but bad enough I didn't leave the house. In fact I only had a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner and went to bed very early.
Had two appointments 9am with my family doctor and 10:45am at the pro-time clinic. Doctor was running late and didn't get called back to a room until 9:35am, by the time she saw me and she wanted more blood work done, I knew I would have to do my pro-time at the regular lab. I was 208.6 on Jan. 15 when I saw my Rheumatologist but today I was 201.3. I really wanted to be under 200 but I was glad I finally broke the 203 barrier which I had been yo-yoing for the last year.
Stopped at the market on the way home. It was after 12:30pm when I got home. Jeff was suppose to be home on time but he called and said he wouldn't be home for dinner until after 9pm. Poor guy missed out on a porterhouse for himself, he ate the steak the next night.
Got my Medicare notice and someone sure screwed up. They were using my husbands first name with my middle and our last name. So weird. Spent time getting through to them to correct. Why? How? This was done, they couldn't tell other than the hospital billed it that way. It was corrected over the phone. The hospital was trying to bill MC for my foot surgery from 2012. Our family insurance paid their share in Jan. 2013, but the amount was too much and they took off almost $2000. Got the EOB from our insurance company in June 2012 showing the credit for the bill. The hospital should have billed MD as my secondary at that time for the corrected amount. No, they never did. So they billed MC in Jan. 2014, using my SS# with my husbands first name and they billed using the original amount b/4 the credit was given. Sounds like fraud to me, or trying to make up for the credit they had to give back to our insurance company? Talking to MC the girl told me they wouldn't pay as a secondary because the hospital had a year in which to bill, which they did not. She said I am not responsible for anything because the hospital should know the rules. Let me see how much the hospital tries to bill me for, so I can go down to the billing department and raise some hell with those billing experts, shall we say nicely "Idiots". Although maybe I should call them and see if I can get this fixed. Seems like too much effort to fix their error. Will do next week, still so pissed this week.
Took Phred for a walk too.
Went to the gym, did the treadmill, fast walk only for 65 min. Took Phred for a walk. Did some vacuuming. Not feeling 100%.
Ran some errands, Went to Target to use my gift card from Christmas, purchased the blue ray of "Gravity". Haven't watched yet, but looking forward to it. Purchased some $1 Easter puzzles and other items to send to Samra for her young students at the pre-kindergarten class she is a TA for. Did some light marketing at Target too, milk, fruit, eye drops. Cooked chicken fajitas for dinner with green & red bell peppers. Canned dice tomato's with Mexican seasoning and frozen diced onion. I buy onions this way because they don't spoil, cost a bit more but worth it to me. Walked Phred too.
We had a change in weather, got colder as the day progressed and we had a good rain last night.
Up early, went to the ATM to get money to pay our accountant for taxes. Then went to get a money order to send with the signed paperwork. Came home and got it ready to mail and the package for Samra's little tykes. PO is next to Planet Fitness so went there before and did a nice workout. I have been using their 12-min. abs area, but not sure of the machine names so haven't been counting on my fitness entry's yet. I think it is working pretty good on my old stomach because I easily fit into a size 14 and not 16 anymore. The 14 was tight when I first purchased them. Now, no problem! When I got home it was 12:30pm and I did some stuff here on Sparks, then had lunch, showered and took Phred for a walk.
Jeff had called and left me a message around 11:45am. He said don't mail the MO to the accountant. Of course I had already done so. Why? It seems he had paid the man cash when he went to see him b/4 his trip to Tulare. So the accountant will have to deposit the MO because it is filled out to his company and send us a return check. I hope they are not dumb enough to just return to us the MO because there isn't anything we can do with it now that it was filled out to them. I can see this going back and forth. lol
After last nights downpour did not think it was going to warm up, light rain still early this morning. But guess what? It was mid 70's by noon and right now it is just under 70 at 4:16pm. We really need more rain.
So what's happening in your neck of the woods??
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    Great Sparking efforts! I'm realizing how much effort these pounds are gonna take as they are slowing down ever-so-much despite my concerted and persistent efforts...but plugging away and ounce by ounce these pounds are gonna GO! :-)

    2113 days ago
    2114 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Congrats on the toning up! Way to work it! Sorry to hear about the run around with insurance, hope it gets sorted.
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    2114 days ago
  • JAMER123
    You have had a busy week! I had many problems with signing up for health insurance which shouldn't have happened. I did it via phone with an electronic signature thru email. Didn't hear anything for a week so called them. It was in pending and they didn't know why but would work on it and let me know in a week. This went on for 4 weeks and by then I was working with the Supervisor. She finally said it was in pending due to my not sending in the right form!!! I said I go only one form and sent it. She sent a different one, told me to look at my email and asked if this is a familiar form. I said, no. Never seen it before. Signed it and immediately had it out of pending. She told me I could start using it to get my meds (1/10) but when i did go, I couldn't get them as my insurance wasn't available to me until Feb. 1st!! Their error, my punishment of not getting a med. Went to Mexico and got all I need except one and had to wait until 2/1 (3 wks. without. Don't you just love the billing and filing that goes on and we are the ones either straightening it out or fighting for our rights.!!
    Have a great weekend!!! emoticon emoticon
    2114 days ago
    I have to say that your weight must be nicely distributed. I weigh quite a bit less than you, but just fit into size 14. So, obviously pounds are not everything! Sounds like a rather busy week. I've found places who really do seem like they are doing their best to defraud the government as if the government can afford to be defrauded! Please give billing hell and then some for me too! Our weather is back cold. Can't seem to make up its mind! Take care!
    2114 days ago
    Congratulations on the weight loss! Wonderful job! What can I say about the Medicare mess up? You think it's bad now, just wait till you're trying to deal with O"Bama Care. Things will go downhill quickly. emoticon
    2114 days ago
    emoticon on your weight loss, Teri! emoticon
    2114 days ago
  • no profile photo DNJEN471
    Congrats on your loss! You're doing great!!
    2114 days ago
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