March Goals-Resetting my mindframe from winter

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I did not do a February blog for my goals. I kept meaning to but it just kept slipping. It's not to say I didn't have any goals because I feel I always have the same main goals of sleep, water, eat well, workout, balance clutter, etc etc I just didn't jot them down and focus. That could have been a problem though because I feel all over the place right now. I can almost take comfort that this new "all over the place" is so far from where my old "all over the place" used to be. I don't have deep depression as I used to in my bad times or anxiety or sleep problems, body problems, eating problems, relationship (overall not just romantic) problems, etc. When people as if I am happy I can genuinely say that yes for the most part I am outside of money.

The past two weeks have been a little tough with this past Saturday through Tuesday being the roughest days I have had in I am not even sure how long. I couldn't figure out my problem last week but I was tired, irritable, feeling very unorganized, etc. I talked with a friend and listed all those things and she said she felt the same and she thought it was the weather. BINGO. I live in Iowa and while I have been thriving on the winter as I felt I had so many home things that needed done and I have been enjoying my down time with my boyfriend I think the bad weather finally caught up with me. My car was a disaster, I want to clean the garage, I want to run or at least go for walks, I want to draw with chalk with my child, I want to open the windows and blast my music and clean the whole house, I want to wash my car with my little girl OUTSIDE, I want to wear dresses and shorts. I need my vitamin D. ANd it's not just my mood that I can see or my antsy-ness but also my boyfriends and his mood and also feeling like I don't have enough things to do with my little girl inside. I'm lucky though, some people have felt like this for months while it just started two weeks ago for me so I'm thankful. And that in itself is huge for me. I've really turned into a genuinely optimistic drama free person. It feels good when I sit back and think about it. Money is my problem but that might be it and that is a good thing, not that money is a problem but that it's all I can find.

So anyhow this has been my mindframe lately. There are some things that I feel would help me get in a better mindframe as I deal with this last week or so of winter. I thought about it a lot in Feb and now I'm ready to reset some things. Sleep, water, nutrition and working out are always goals to the point they are pretty much my lifestyle and I need to reenergize them but they are second nature anymore. I need to focus on sleeping and working out though. My sleep is off, I keep going to bed later and waking up later. I miss workouts sometimes because of my knee but also because of my busy schedule. I used to have my daughter full time but her father felt like he was missing too much of her growing up so he got a different job and I allowed him to have her 50/50. SO If I don't have her I am at my boyfriends house. Sadly I live in another town from her father, my boyfriend, my mom and my work so my commute is daunting everyday going back and forth and the gas is horrible even with a hybrid. THe jest of that is I want to switch my workouts to mornings to boost my energy and to get it out of the way. I want to continue to eliminate clutter so my move is easier whether I move in with my boyfriend or I get a place in the town where my actual life is centered. I want to move up at my job or get a job that pays more as I have three degrees and decent experience.

Feb Goals:
1.) Be in bed by 10:30 and up by 6:30 to workout. Have things ready the night before to make this process easier. (work clothes, workout clothes, workout dvd ready, meals prepared)
2.) Finish book for work and complete CPD classes online for underwritting. Complete job shadow at work to learn more about FInancial Counselor positions and prepare myself for the position if one comes up. FINGERS CROSSED.
3. Continue to look for other jobs and research ways to make resume and cover letter better so they stand out more
4.) 8 cups of water at least
5.) Prepare myself for spring time photos (I do photography on the side) Have paperwork ready, accounting system down, and all edits up to date. Find classes to further my experience. Test prints.
6.) Declutter home again to learn to live with less so moving and day to day life is easier and more organized. (I've come so far!)

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  • DS9KIE
    don't worry spring is coming emoticon emoticon

    hope you get a new job
    2629 days ago
    I think the weather definitely takes a toll and this winter has been hard! It sounds like overall you're happy, even with being ansty. I like your goals for the upcoming month! I'm sure you'll hit every single one of them too!
    2630 days ago
    It really does sound like you are in a good place right now! I am so happy for you! The whole decluttering battle seems to never end! I have to really focus on that myself.

    Hope you have a great weekend and that March is a great month for you!
    2630 days ago
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