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I should know better- a bad purchase.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Toaster Oven from Walmart. It was a dood deal online and pick it up at the store. I am taking it back.
My old one worked well but it was very, very ugly after having stuff stick to it.

The new one has a timer only for toast! Huh!

I used the "bake" setting today but there was no way to have it stop at a certain number of minutes.

I a, getting the feeling that Walmart is selling things cheap that no one wants.

I looked up reviews about this toaster oven--but AFTER I bought it! Not smart. I figured how much could they go wrong! The reviews were dreadful!

It is so much prettier than my old one and the quality looks wonderful actually. It came with much stronger pans than my old one (an Oster) and more kinds of pans, like 2 sheets for cookies . Wheb I was unpacking it, it looked wonderful!

I want the darn thing to turn off after a certain amount of time! It has to do that. I don't want burnt food or a fire!

Delonghi is the company.

Live and learn! chris

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    i have purchased 2 computers from wal mart but its the brand.
    1544 days ago
    I hate it when things don't work the way they should! Glad you can take it back! If you ordered it online, you should leave a review for it. I never write reviews, but I always read them!
    1545 days ago
  • LIS193
    Online reviews can be helpful... if you read them LOL. I forget most times..
    1545 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    I did the same thing with a combo convection microwave-should have taken it back but I didn't and the darned thing broke in under 2 years!
    1546 days ago
    My alltime favorite toaster oven is a Black and Decker model. That thing is 25 yrs old and still works great. AND, it has a push down button for toast. The cord is a little short though.
    1546 days ago
    Reviews are a good idea. I try to check them all the time. Hope it all works out and you get a great new one!
    1546 days ago
    1547 days ago
    I hate it when things don't work. You wonder what they were thinking. Didn't they test it? How CAN you cook something without a timer?

    I love Wal-Mart, but some products are bad.
    At least their returns are simple.

    Hope the rest of your week goes well.


    1547 days ago
    I've never had any problems with the stuff I have purchased at Walmart exept maybe some clothes, cause I am too lazy to try them on. I spend a lot of time in a horse barn and I am not about to buy expensive clothes to go there. Anyway, their return policy is excellent. Target is new to Canada, and they are struggling, I've heard. Walmart is closer for me, so I rarely go to Target I check the local flyers and whoever has the cheapest price of the article I want, well, that's where I go.
    1547 days ago
    I give myself a day or two to research and think about it before making a purchase. Just gave that advise to a new friend who called for advice on making her first prothesis and bra purchase following her double mastectomy. She later called to thank me for that advice.

    I bought a kitchen timer (at Walmart) that I use with my toaster oven, when doing laundry and other things, such as helping me to get out the door on time. It helps me to take the clothes out much sooner than waiting for the buzzer, which I often do not hear.

    Wal-mart has their purpose and is a blessing to those with limited funds and can't or don't want to drive miles for certain items. Actually their produce looks better and is fresher than produce at the local Kroger store (told that to the Kroger manager, yet still no improvement in their produce). Have yet to find fish at Kroger that isn't from or wasn't processed in China. I try to support USA manufacturers. Have yet to find a stainless steel water bottle that wasn't made in China. Finally found a glass bottle made in USA. I have two and gave others as Christmas presents.

    I have been happy with my purchases from Wal-mart due to being a careful shopper by reading labels and researching. Have had very few problems with my purchases there and then had no hassle with returning it, no questions asked. Walmart provides a service or they would not have survived or grown the way they have.
    1547 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/28/2014 11:41:36 AM
  • MISSG180
    What a disappointment! Hope you can return it!
    1547 days ago
    I too believe that Walmart is selling things cheap, things no one wants. Sorry about the boo boo but its not your fault exactly, most of those have a turn off timer. It wasn't an unusual expectation. Hugs!
    1547 days ago
    1547 days ago
    Delonghi appliances are usually expensive. I prefer Target for small appliance which I think has better quality. We bought a non-stick electric fry pan at Walmart (I forget the brand) but all the anodized coating came off within a month. The one we bought at Target lasted several years and I never again bought any small appliances at Walmart. Yes Walmart might have consumer friendly prices but I just don't think the quality is there sometimes. I have learned to check the reviews online before buying anything, both pros and cons and make my decision based on that.

    I hope you returned it and got your money back!! At least Walmart has a friendly return policy at least they used to.


    1547 days ago
  • TINY67
    1547 days ago
  • SHERYLP461
    Yes, a 'good' deal is getting value for your money. sadly most items WalMart carries comes from China. their main supplier with very little quality control. Don't even get me started on the food they ship in...read your labels.
    1547 days ago
  • 1AVERY
    Nothing is as good as the old ones. So if there is nothing wrong with your old appliances keep them. I had a repair guy tell me that most new appliances I am talking stoves, washers and dryers etc. have a life expectancy of 5 years. My washer was 18 years old when I had to replace it and it still looked new. It wasn't an expensive one either. I have friends and my sister buy the top of the line everything and they have had nothing but trouble so why bother if it is only going to last for 5 years you might as well save your money. Teri
    1547 days ago
    Live and learn
    1547 days ago
    1547 days ago
    The new ones don't seem to do what the old ones did and they are junkier looking too. Rather keep my old one and forget the new ones. They may look nice on the outside but don't do as much as the old ones do.
    1548 days ago
    My toaster oven was so stained I was going to throw it out. I thought what could I lose and scrubbed it clean with a brillo pad. I know people don't use them much any more, but I find them valuable tools for cleaning!
    1548 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    AT least you do not have to ship it back.
    1548 days ago
    i am cautious about some small appliances. some stores sell cheap stuff that is low quality
    1548 days ago
    The same caveat goes for ordering online. I've learned to ask Nice Mr. Google and look at the reviews online before I buy or order a product.
    1548 days ago
    Good you can return it!
    1548 days ago
  • KRYS210
    Lesson learned, now do your research and get something that does what you want! I'm cheering for you!!
    1548 days ago
    Take it back, there are other brands that are just as pretty, and WORK and stop when you want them to!
    1548 days ago
    I always query the web for complaints about a product that we are thinking about ... it has helped us make great decisions !! roc
    1548 days ago
    Yes wall-mart is cheep and not so good stuff Food is okay and soups
    1548 days ago
    I made the same mistake with my diskette drive that I bought on Amazon. Only after the thing arrived and wouldn't work properly did I look at the online reviews of many others who had a similar problem.

    Live and learn!
    1548 days ago
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