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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I went in last week for the first appointment. They took my measurements and done exercises with me to check my balance. I got 19 points out of 56 points. Which is nut good. I get very lightheaded and dizzy at times for no reason. And it is slowly getting worse. I just fell against the window. I'm not hurt. It is not safe for me to go out at all. I went in for my 4: PM appointment yesterday and it was cancelled. I got to talk to the PT for a few minutes. The paperwork has been sent in. Now they will make an appointment with me to come out and access the Apartment. I had Medical Transport wait so he could bring me right back home. I was happy about that. I got out in the fresh air and went for a round trip ride. It was very windy and cold outside with the sun out. On the bright side I will be able to go out and enjoys doings things like shopping, going to parks, going to events etc. I need to do this for myself. I need to start enjoying life again. I'm not able to do it now. Now the down side is I will not be able to walk at all when I'm out. I do not want to lose my ability to walk. I do a lot of walking in my apartment. I do have a Gym Membership too. So will check that out once I get the wheelchair. I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully they can offer me things that I can do to help with the balance problems etc, And exercises to lose weight with. So these are my plans and goals I have for the next few months. Will give you updates along the way. God Blessings To Everyone. You Can Do It!!! Keep Pushing Forward!!! Stay On Track!! Do your Exercise Program!!! And You Will Make It To Your Goals. Keep Sparking!!!
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  • _LINDA
    That motorized wheelchair will be such a blessing. You will be able to get out safely without fear of falling and will be able to get around more easily. It sure gave me my freedom to attend events and get groceries that I can't carry because they are too heavy. It really changed my life. I got my first one twenty years ago! I went from being a shut in to getting out and enjoying the many festivals my city has.
    You have not had any problems with your ears, have you? Sometimes dizziness and balance problems are caused by middle ear problems. You need to get thoroughly checked out! Physiotherapists can give you exercises to help with a balance problem. I saw one that specialized in dizziness and balance and she really helped me.
    Stand up for your right to be taken care of and have all avenues explored!
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    1474 days ago
  • 859320
    God is with you, and He'll help you make spiritual progress--strengthening and encouraging you to keep on keeping on during rough times. It's easy to quit, but it takes faith to press on to victory.

    Joyce Meyer on Victory share this.

    praying for you. emoticon
    1485 days ago
    I hope things work out and you start feeling better!
    1513 days ago
    I understand completely - I was in a wheelchair for a year total after I damaged my legs - I feel this is a good move for you - more freedom and safer - I mean last week I tripped and broke my pinkie !! But I am grateful that's all I did - was wondering if you have every water walked - it really helped me ! hugs Karen
    1518 days ago
  • LINDAM.1
    The doc gave me pills to take for being dizzy. Not Shure I want to add another one.
    1518 days ago
    wishing you all the best and sending you positive thoughts.
    1519 days ago
    I am sorry you are having problems with the dizziness and the balance problems. I know when my MS is really bad and I am having problems with the dizziness and balance issues the motorized wheelchair is my lifesaver. You will find it to be your best friend in those moments and will be able to get around much easier and do things you were not able to do for a while. Good luck and take it easy. Do the seated chair exercises we have on the chair exercise team too they are good to do from the chair and don't interfere with the dizziness or imbalance.

    1519 days ago
  • DEBPRE16
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    1519 days ago
    Wishing you healing and sending out positive vibes!
    1519 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    So glad to read that you're on your way!
    1520 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Don't give up!
    1520 days ago
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    1520 days ago
    emoticon .
    Elaine .. I am concerned about the light headedness and obvious discomfort .. Have you seen your doctor about this? .
    This is not acceptable and could be signs of low blood pressure.
    I am glad you are finally getting your motorised wheel chair sorted out .. This will help you to get around safely ..
    Thinking of you my friend ..
    Love Susie xxx
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    1520 days ago
  • GENRE009
    Elaine be careful, I think you would be better off at curves for resistance than machines. It would be the best. Even taking ballet, or the easiest yoga would be better than machines. It scares me to hear that you are falling. Did you call your doctor, and talk to them. maybe you need to pay attention to the med's , it may be very strong. You may need to take with food, or ask if you can divide it up. You might even have low blood pressure? Are you eating with your pills? Take care sweetie, eva
    1520 days ago
    I am glad you will be able to get the wheelchair. I have a scooter that I need to use at times for when I am out in the community as my legs fatigue when I am out for longer periods. It really made a difference for me when I got it. All those things I could not do before like going to the zoo or going to the mall or other community events became something I could do. I know it is not an easy thing to adjust to knowing you need help with mobility. I put off getting mine for a long time, but once I got it I was glad to be able to do those things that previously I could not do. ((Hugs))
    1520 days ago
    Elaine I am so sorry the PT could not help you. emoticon for you, your balance and your strength.
    1520 days ago
    I am so excited for you. Being able to get out once more is a wonderful goal. I will continue to be praying for more stability for you. I know it must be difficult when your body is unstable. Falling is not something you want to do. I have this issue with the ice. I am not good with ice. My feet tend to find it every time and I have been injured way too many times.
    Praise God you were able to go for another car ride to your appointment. Sorry it got cancelled.
    Keep up the good work. You have some great goals set in place.
    Relisa emoticon
    1520 days ago
    I want you to know that at the gyms they have hand bicycles and don't forget you can work out in the swimming pool for exercises that you can't do on land you maybe able to do them in the water.
    1520 days ago
    Have you checked out the chair exercise groups on Spark? They are pretty good! emoticon
    1520 days ago
    Wishing you the best. People here are wonderful. I know you can get the support we all need to keep going. Sending good vibes and prayers for good health and healing.

    chris emoticon
    1520 days ago
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