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Finally - A Water Headache! (2014 - Blog #56)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I know.. this might sound a bit odd.. I am totally excited that today for the first time ever, I got a water headache! Really!!

Here's the what happened and the why this is a big deal

emoticon What Happened:
Today was a crazy day. I drank my first 22 ounces of water with breakfast. Good start! And then I was in meetings that really did not give me a chance to go to the restroom so I put off the water until about noon. I was planning on more water, but I was running late and rushed to the car. Then I got to my next school and I knew that their restroom was not easy to get to so I put off water again. I could feel a headache coming on but I did not heed the warning signs. I then rushed to another school and I knew I did not know where the restroom was so I continued to put off water and ignore the signs. ARGH. By the time I got a break near 6pm .. my first break since about 7 am in the morning, my headache was in full blown ACHE and I knew that the only help would be BUNCH of water. I got home about 7:30 and have been drinking water every since. My headache is beginning to subside and I am smiling.

emoticon Why this is a big deal:
I have been doing AWESOME with water lately. For me, that is a huge accomplishment. It is hard to down 24 ounces, 32 ounces, 64 ounces... HUGE for me. I do not drink quickly, so it takes forever. I do not get thirsty easily at all, so remembering is a very big deal. Today was a milestone. My body has appreciated my paying attention to water intake and today she COMPLAINED loudly about my lack of attention. WOOHOO!

Reflective note: I am sure that in the past all of my headaches were very often related to not drinking water but I never made the connection between dehydration and a headache. I remedied with tylenol or the like, never with water. NOW things are different. My first reaction today was WATER PLEASE. Progress.. major progress!

May you have a fully aware day!

"Choose positivity today."
Author Unknown

MANTRA: Every opportunity is a choice. Every choice is an opportunity. (me)

PHOTO OF THE DAY: My mountain
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