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T25, My Hubby and My Sons...

Monday, February 24, 2014

My husband bought T25 right after Christmas and finally brought it out of the box a couple of weeks ago. He worked out to it once, and didn't invite me to check it out with him. I have heard a lot about it and really wanted to try it. Today I finally did!

I have to say, it was different than I thought it would be. It is a 25 minute video and I moved intensely the whole time, but I didn't sweat the way I thought I would. I did "feel the burn". From what I gather, T25 is a scaled down time version of P90X. 25 minutes vs 90 minutes. It did work out good for me in that I did my run in the morning, so it was a great opportunity to burn my calories when I got home from work. And there are different videos, depending on what you want to work - upper, lower, total or abs. Today we did lower body. I did like working out with my husband the best. With all that happened last year with my son, I am looking for more things to do together.

We are going to sign up for Salsa lessons - I found a Groupon for $20. for 8 lessons. I think it will be so much fun! We do have other friends signing up as well. My husband agreed tonight to sign-up for cooking classes. He cooks different foods than me a lot of time at home. He calls his foods "normal", I call his foods "junk". Tonight I made tilapia with diced tomatoes, jalapenos, and black olives while he made a cheese steak!

We work together everyday and have been married for 26 1/2 years. I think it is pretty cool that we still get along and want to do things together. I missed that last year when my son was so sick.

So, I will keep doing T25 with my husband. He also said he will go back to the gym every other day. I really hope he does. I paid for him to go all last year and he never went! He has gotten quite a belly over the past year (stress and age 50) and his sugar is high. The weight is all in his belly and I worry that he may have a heart attack. He also found out he has high cholesterol. A couple of years ago he had prostrate cancer. That was unavoidable but this other stuff is not. My husband is from Scotland and is so stubborn...and Scotsman love their sweets! But it is time for my husband to buckle down. He told me a couple months ago that his clothes shrunk! Do you know how hard it was for me to keep a straight face! Really?? Wait - that has been my problem all these years -- I thought I gained weight, but, no -- my clothes all shrunk in the wash!! LOL!! (I didn't say that or laugh in front of him - but, come on!!) I don't bug him about his weight ever because I know he has to decide for himself. It is really hard for me to stick to my plan when he likes to go out to eat a lot, etc. I don't like to make waves. So, I am very excited that he is finally taking steps to healthy choices.

So, that is what is going on at my house! For those of you who know about my son, he got another "excellent" report on his blood results today. He lost a little bit of weight, but is trying really hard. He goes to a gym maybe twice per week. The other night he told me he never wants to go back to being anorexic. I do see him fighting it every day. I tell him I am really proud of him and to keep pushing!!

A couple of weeks ago he went to the dentist and found out he needs 6 teeth capped due to bulimia. It is the first time I saw him cry. between ruining perfect teeth - has never had a cavity - and the bill of $8,900.00 he finally saw the result of his illness. Consequences can be hard, but if it stops the behavior I am all for it, even though, I have to say, it breaks my heart.

But, I would rather have him alive with no teeth!

My other son took his test for the National Guards. He is 23, has a full time job, is still going to college and still trying to figure out what he wants to do in life. He is a supervisor at a very big company and I am so proud of him, but he is still "lost". He scored at 95 out of 99 on the National Guards test so he has a ton of choices. My husband was in the Navy and then the Airforce so he is helping my son with his choices. Kids seem to have it so much harder than we did!

I hope you had a great start to the week!!

Stay strong!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Deanna - I read a few of your posts just now and I'm commenting on this one. You sound like you have a new lease on life these days! I'm so happy for you. So sorry about your son's teeth and so glad to hear he is staying strong and getting healthier. I think the tears are good and just what he needs. Please give him my best and tell him he is still in my prayers.

    I am doing very well these days and in a safe temporary place now - helping a family with their relative who has terminal cancer and needs round the clock care. It's tough but gives my time and space to work on my books and websites. I feel the tide has turned for me even if it is not showing up in my bank account yet.

    I told you 2014 would be better for us both and now I feel I was right!


    1493 days ago
    It's been like forever since I caught up with your goings on. My hubby contend I shrink his clothes too. He loves meat and potatoes. But now it is the dialysis glucose that has caused his weight gain. I'd rather have him chubby and alive on PD dialysis. Our perspectives about those we love sure change as we mature.
    Keep enjoying your active time with the hubby too. My son is in the KT Guard and loves it. I hope it is a good fit for your son.
    1498 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon So nice to log in and see such good news on your page! So happy for you and your family! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1507 days ago
    Thanks for the glimpse into your life. You do have some challenges. I feel for your husband. My heritage is German, Scottish, Irish, English, Dutch and Swedish. Your husband likes his sweets. I like my beer! We both have to watch it!

    I am glad your sons are doing well. That dental bill is a real shocker! Your son that is "lost" sounds familiar. My youngest son is my brightest and most creative child. Yet he cannot stay focused and has changed his college major 4 times.

    He designed a auto engine for an electric hybrid that was a closed system, which means you add no fuel and there is no exhaust. You have to charge the storage battery, but the power output and efficiency is insane. He won several awards for his design. Then he promptly changed majors from engineering to archeology!

    He is a really nice young man and quite a charmer.

    You are having a interesting life, which is an old Chinese curse!

    Thanks, Bruce
    1515 days ago
    Oh! I watched an ad for T25 today and wondered if anyone in Sparkland tried it yet. The next time you do a video, will you close your eyes and see if you could follow his directives without seeing him? I am so happy that your hubby is joining you for the exercise and even going back to the gym and taking cooking lessons too! My husband is overweight, very much so, and sits on the couch. He works hard and has a lot of stress, but that shouldn't be an excuse. Like you, I don't want to push. He has to decide on his own. Sorry your son will need all that dental work, but yes, alive and toothless is better than dead. Would it be less expensive to have them pulled and get dentures? I know that is unappealing for a young man, but may be worth looking into. What a battle all of you have fought! Awesome about your youngest too! Wishing all of you well!
    1519 days ago
    I truly agree with you that life is tougher for our adult kids today than when we were getting launched.

    It's great you and your DH work together and also enjoy doing lots of activities together: we do too. My DH is a lean guy who can generally eat whatever he wants and definitely does not look at restaurant menus to check out calorie counts!! Interesting that you do find calorie listings helpful in restaurants (I'm not in one often enough to know for myself!)
    1520 days ago
    I'm so happy for you! So good to hear everybody in the family is doing well.
    My hubby also has all his extra weight in the middle : )

    Sorry about the poor teeth of your son : (
    1521 days ago
    OH my goodness, I wrote a similar blog this mornign about my husband. Isn't that funny? I'm always making two meals. One for me and my son and the other for my husband. OR my husband will stop at a fast food place for his meal and make us watch him eat it. That's going to have to stop soon since our son is getting to the age when he can tell us what he wants and he is always pointing at daddy's burger over his fork greenbeans.

    I've heard a lot of wonderful things about T25. A lady I workout with does it every morning. She looks fantastic! I may have to start adding it to my daily routine.

    I'm glad your son is getting better. I know first hand how horrible anorexia is. I'm glad you were able to get him help in time.
    1521 days ago
    I had to giggle, my hubby is Irish with similar temperament. While he's trim, his food choices -- and those he shares with the kids for treats and desserts -- have a lot to be desired. We work and play together as well, it is a great feeling to have found someone it's comfortable to be with like that, no? Great news all around, I like the idea of the shorter 90X-like sessions! Keep up the great work, love your attitude!
    1521 days ago
    Glad to hear good news regarding your son .
    In my case - I told my husband that his clothes seem to be misbehaving and are shrinking ... First time in my life this seem to work instead of me telling him directly to loose some weight :)
    It's lovely that as a couple u guys do things together and enjoy it !
    1521 days ago
    emoticon on the T25 workout! That is cool that you and DH do that together. And all the other activities. This is your time together, and it should be fun. I would love a cooking class with DH. It is an activity you can do together everyday. Planning, shopping, and making.

    My DH and I often have a Friday night date for dinner and a gourmet grocery store emoticon , but it is fun.

    Great news on your sons! emoticon May both continue in a positive direction.

    You are doing great!

    1521 days ago
    Glad things are going better this year!
    1521 days ago
    Good to hear all that wonderful news. shrinking clothes, eh? hmmm...
    so glad to hear that your son is trying so hard and that it's paying off. you must be so relieved!

    1521 days ago
    You can't make your husband want to diet but you can continue to set an example. Although if anyone could you could. Congrats on your anorexic son's great progress. Sounds like your other son is quite gifted hope he will find a path. Will continue the prayers but things sound alot better.
    1521 days ago
    Glad you and your family are doing well - stop shrinking your husband's clothes! lol
    1521 days ago
    My husband told me his clothes shrunk. He has a belly too, but he walks around the block nightly and usually twice each day on the weekends. It is less than 15 minutes, but he walks fast the whole way. I find myself having to use inhale two steps, exhale two steps to keep up to him on a sloped spot in the walk.

    It is good to make time to be together, whether it is working together, exercising, cooking or dancing. Our lives become hectic and we can easily let that slide.
    1521 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1521 days ago
    My father was career military. He served in the Navy from 1940 to 1956 and then transferred to the Air Force from 1956 to 1962.

    You are a good woman. I would have been rolling on the floor laughing if my husband suggested that his clothes shrunk in the wash.

    And as far as your son... what a bittersweet moment for you. I am happy that he is recovering and healing. I don't know much about eating disorders, but I have been told that it is a lifetime struggle.
    1521 days ago
    Amazing! My husband bought t25 for me last week. I am going to start tomorrow night and just get 1 or 2 done every night!! I love Shaun T he is great.

    I am so glad things are looking up for you. Its great about your son admitting he doesnt want to go backwards. Its small steps forward. Take the classes with your DH and have fun. My husband and I do cooking classes still trying to convince him to do dance classes :).

    We are in T25 team together so we will keep each other on track.
    1521 days ago
    Great news on all fronts!
    1521 days ago
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