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SIZE 12 DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (With Photos)

Monday, February 24, 2014

The pumpkin butterscotch cookies yesterday turned out to be pretty darn amazing! They were so yummy :) I'm a huge fan of butterscotch and pumpkin so these cookies went together perfectly.

We went to Target yesterday and got a Magnavox 29" flat screen tv that they had on sale. We also got the 2 year protection plan to make sure it is covered in case anything were to happen to it. Also I saw an awesome black t-shirt with a picture on a pug on it wearing a pink bandanna and in pink lettering it said "Pug Life". We ended up getting it for my boyfriend's niece who's 12 and obsessed with pugs. I think she will absolutely love it!

I went for a 20 minute walk yesterday and did 45 minutes of exercise in my room last night. Today I'm going to go for a 1 hour long walk and do 15 minutes of exercise in my room and we're going to the gym tonight for about an hour. The gym closed too early yesterday and we had other stuff that needed to get done so we held off on going last night.

My boyfriend took me to Dress Barn yesterday and I was in the Woman's section shopping around when an employee asked if she could start a dressing room for me so I can try stuff on. We got to talking and I asked her if they had any size 14's or 12's available because I've lost a lot of weight and was unsure of my size. She asked if I had been shopping in the Woman's section this entire visit and I said yes. She took the clothes I had and hung them up on a rack and said you should be in the misses section, come follow me. So I followed her to the misses section and she suggested trying on a size 12 first so I started looking through the clothes and ended up with 2 pairs of pants and about 8 dresses. I tried on a size 12 dress and it fit! I quickly snapped a photo and moved on to the next dress. It fit! I kept trying stuff on and they all fit! It was so hard to walk away from a few of them but I did. My boyfriend came in to the store just as I was finishing up in the dressing room. I had a navy and white polka dot dress in my hand and I showed him the other 3 dresses I wanted. 1 of them he said he didn't like much and the others he said were really nice. We went up to the register with e navy the navy dress and he whipped out his debit card and told me he wanted to buy the dress for me. It was $40.00 plus tax and I was super excited to get home to show it to him with me wearing it. We got home and I ran upstairs and put it on. He walked in and smiled and said he liked it a lot... I think he likes it because it shows my butt and curves pretty nicely haha!

After dinner I started tackling my dresser and got through 2 out of three drawers and was able to downsize a lot! I got rid of a big bag of clothes and put them outside for free. I also got rid of a big black trash bag full of clothes that I will try to sell online to recoup some of the cost. It feels nice being able to downsize but now I realize I only have 5 pairs of jeans and 1 of those pairs is already getting loose.

I'm still in awe that I am in a size 12 dress!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy and excited I could care less that I passed up on a gorgeous black and white dress.... I took photos of me wearing my top 4 favorite dresses and I keep seeing it and wanting it but do I really need it? No, more than likely I don't haha.

Black & White dress I passed on but want

Dress my boyfriend didn't like much

Dress I passed on due to the color. I'm too pale to pull off coral.

Navy dress with white polka dot dress (the one I got) Of course it's the most blurry picture.

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