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Wednesday is Granny & Axel day.

Monday, February 24, 2014

My son works out of town on a Wednesday, so I get to enjoy Axel most of the day. I try to do something interesting and different each Wednesday....I also realize that I will have to repeat some things, since there is only so much one can do lol.
But for now, its only been one month since his return and we still have plenty to do.
This past Wednesday we chose to go to the Barnyard Donkey (and other animals) Sanctuary because for once it wasn't beach weather. For a donation, you can go in and feed the animals. They will even let you feed the animals if you do not have a donation, since the animals still get a treat feed. Mostly people do actually give a donation and others bring special foods or adopt a pet and care for that specific one.
I took my mother and her old friend along for the ride and enjoyment. The Barnyard has loads of animals besides donkeys in their care. Just recently a pony was rescued and has yet to find a loving home. We took along a couple of loaves of bread...and we could have taken even more with us. I didn't realize how many animals were currently on their property.
It's quite sweet, the animals are so used to being fed, that the moment your packet rattles, they come to the fence, neighing, braying and quacking as they come.

Even the dogs on the property come for a tidbit, despite their being very well fed.

The old girls had as much fun as Axel and I did.

The place was abuzz with animal sounds. The roosters could be heard above everything else and from absolutely anywhere on that property. Loud little guys.

Their "little woman" and her babies were also out and about, clucking to show the chicks were to find edibles and them with their sweet peeping sounds. Its marvelous how these chickens dont end up under the hooves of the larger animals.

The larger animals included the usual tons of donkeys and a few with foals (if thats what a baby donkey is called??) This youngster was having an afternoon drink and cuddle with its mom.

This little guy wasn't as fortunate. The poor little calf was motherless. There is a book on what condition these animals were found in, but I dont read it, its just too shocking what some people do to animals. I read it once, and it really upset me. I think the idea behind the book is to REALLY pull at your heart strings and hope that you will adopt an animal, which means you pay for all its feed and care. I just drop some cash into their donations box and leave them to use it how they need it. I don't want to read "war stories."

This pig is so huge, its hard to believe he was abused....then again maybe he wasn't. Possibly this guy was bought as a piglet and grew to big for city dwelling...who knows...I didnt read the book...see!

Besides the ducks and other animals to feed, there is a section where children can swim (was too cold) or play on swings and jungle gyms etc. Axel had a ball climbing up to the top and then pointing out various animals from that vantage point before sliding down the other side to start again. Amazing how repetitive little ones can be.

This place used to have a small restaurant, but since the parents retired and the kids took over, they have done away with the restaurant and opened a cattery instead. What a wonderful place for cats to go if their owners are away. Big spacious cages, some open (depending on the social ability of the cat or state of health) As we waited for permission to enter the cattery to show my moms friend....my mom and Axel shared some doggy time. There is a double bed where cats and dogs of various breeds all lie in the warm sun.
Today it was a really old great dane and some mixed breed little ones.

Once inside, the first cat we saw was lying in the sun out of her cage.

Most of the cats were super friendly and majority of the cages were open.

The only creatures we found NOT to be friendly were a pair of grey parrots.
They were happy to talk, whistle and to imitate anything we said, but if we got too near the cage..they tried to take a nip at us. Still, I was fascinated that not one of the cats was interested in taking a nip at the birds? They surely didn't all come from homes with birds?? Maybe just such a peaceful environment...I don't know the answer to my own question emoticon

After spending a few hours at this marvelous animal retreat, we headed home.
I guess this may be called After Action Satisfaction emoticon
He slept for 2.5 hours, only waking when he heard his fathers voice on arrival.

Wednesday coming will be a beach day again since the weather forecast says its going to be sunny skies. I have bought him a new inflatable butterfly shaped "floating thing." We should have a load of fun with that, but ultimately I will have to think of some things to do with a 3 yr old when winter gets here and outdoor activities go on the back burner.

Weight wise.....I've been messing around a bit, for about two weeks now, so no losses and no gains, but that's not what I really want to be about. I want losses and staying the same only if a plateau occurs not because I'm messing about which I am emoticon Every new day I say TODAY I will start and make really smart choices and then when I blink my eyes again, the day passed and my choices weren't great. Aah well, I know its a marathon not a sprint. Maybe I must just enjoy the short break and then take a deep breath and get cracking once more.

Today I spent an hour taking in my younger sons clothes. He has lost so much weight, that nothing fits properly. His clothes are marked 36 and I've taken them in 2 sizes. This is my silly great dane trying to what...help??? When I finally chased him off the clothes, he ended up resting his head on my shoulder. It got heavier with every few minutes, till I finally had to just quit and get his blanket to lie down next to where I was working. Animals are so cute.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a great day! It's so beautiful seeing animals getting along.

    A little peek at Paradise!
    1873 days ago
  • GINA180847
    What a lovely day with Axel. Like you I can hardly bear the way some people treat their animals. But those people sure seem to have their best interests at heart. Went and got our little Chica spayed today and she is feeling down. I miss her usual mischief.
    1880 days ago
    aww what a great day for you all including Axel ..

    loved the pictures
    enjoy your Wednesday hope the weather will co-operate

    thanks for sharing
    1880 days ago
    Love the pics of the animal sanctuary and Axel having fun!
    1880 days ago
    emoticon thanks for sharing, Love the pictures.
    1880 days ago
  • DEBANNE1124
    Great pictures. I cana ctually see Axel ahs grown.
    1880 days ago
    RE: the cats not bothering the parrots...my guess is that the parrots have already let the cats know...via nipping etc...to leave them alone! There is often an animal hierarchy in place as well. As you learned through experience, those birds can defend themselves. My Mom had quite a few birds, but you absolutely didn't mess with the parrots. Talk, sure, touch, NO!

    Thinking about this reminded me of how after my Mom left around 4:00 pm to run her daily errands, the parrots would start up with a riot of conversation: "Stop IT!", "No, NO! Bad Dog!" "Get down!" You never heard all that when Mom was home! She had a lot of dogs...all sizes. When she left the house, they all settled down to wait for her return...some on chairs and even a table top inside, some outside on the terrace.

    Loved seeing the pictures and hearing the account of your Donkey Refuge visit. THanks so much for sharing.
    1880 days ago
  • MAMALISA1975
    Axel is such a cutie! What a great way to spend the day! emoticon
    1880 days ago
    What cute pics and what a fun place! Thanks for sharing the adventure.
    1880 days ago
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