The World outside my Window--3

Monday, February 24, 2014

Now the third Care Giver,Jayashree ,comes into play.A small petite woman,she is slightly plump and as they in yesterday years----very 'fetching' to look at. She is around Lotta's age and maybe that is why that I'm that wee little bit fonder of her compared to the other two.
What makes Jayashree likeable is her capacity to listen well and appreciatively enjoy the Tales put forth by the other two women.She herself has zillion problems about a million issues but seeing her smiling face one could never guess about the turmoil that lies beneath the surface.Her husband left her during her second pregnancy to "marry" his paramour.Being a drunk he died in 2005 and since then she has been fighting with her rival for the rightful claim be given his job in the Mumbai Municipality.It is heart rending the way both those women are fighting tooth and nail for survival.
Despite everything she is sunny natured and that is the best thing about her.She has the gift of narration as well----giving the right comic touch at the right places.The most funny stories centre around mother---a feisty 85 years old lady.Now this lady is extremely hard of hearing---frankly calling her stone deaf would be the correct terminology to use.Now this old lady is tired of living with her son and his wife and is pecking away at her daughter to admit her to a Hospital where she can be at peace.So we are all searching for a reasonable Old People's Home where she would be well cared for.But she however has her terms----she will graciously live in a home that is spotlessly clean,where she will allowed to hold centre stage always and where people will obey all her commands?!!!
This feisty old lady tries to show off before women of her own age.Jayashree has in splits when se imitates her mother----as she nears her group of cronies,she throws up her walking stick in the Air,proceeding then to catch it expertly before walking off speedily past the corner ,just to collapse panting on the nearest bench in the building Park!!!The whole exercise is just to prove her supremacy over her friends despite her age!!!
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