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Day 21, 22 and 23 of The Plan Reboot!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Friday started off with me trying out my own recipe of Blueberry Chia pudding for breakfast.

( see previous blog on how to make it)
Well it must have agreed with me so that is good!

Lunch was broccoli soup and salad:

Friday was also the day I tested Rye, now you could just have 2 rye crackers with almond butter on them, so instead I melted my daily 1 ounce of chocolate and added it to the almond butter, broke up the crackers, and made it into a dessert!

Topped it with a dash of coconut cream and almonds. Very rich and satisfying, but unfortunately my body does not like Rye or wheat as I was up 0.8 pounds the next morning!

Dinner was:

Lamb and veg. I know lamb was friendly for me in the past.

So since I was up by 0.8 in response to the Rye, I decided to not test anything on Sat and had the rest of the blueberry chia pudding and this time I added pecans

Lunch was salad and carrot soup, I did not take a pic!

Snack was 1 oz low sodium potato chips

Dinner was ground chicken and broccoli on greens:

So all those foods were good for a loss of 0.8 down to a new low this morning! ( new all time low) close to my goal!

This morning I "tested" goat's yogurt and added chia seeds to make a sort of pudding:
Topped with pecans and after the photo I realized I forgot to add the blueberries.

Lunch was the same as yesterday.

snack was carrots and hummus

Afternoon I had tea and gluten free cookie! ( sigh!)

Dinner was pork:

Now I realize that I added way too many elements for me to know what caused a gain if in fact the scale is up tomorrow. Today was just too hectic and too crazy and I had to just go with the flow.

So I am not really considering today a test day ( unless of course I lose a pound and pass them all! That is highly unlikely) I will have a friendly day tomorrow and test 2 proteins in one day this week! I need to do that so I can move ahead, finish the 20 day program and go on to phase 3 which is self testing!

So far the things that DO NOT agree with me are: Wheat, Rye crackers, mozzarella, cupcakes, bread.

No surprises there!

Things I have added are: goat's cheese, manchego cheese, pecans, steak and lamb.

I need to test hemp on its own.

So on to a new week! I go away this weekend coming up ( as per previous blog ) and so I will have to do my best to make the best choices I can given the food provided.

This is the new me after 8 pounds lost:

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